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Saturday, April 28, 2012

ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Police violence at Bersih planned and co-ordinated?

ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Police violence at Bersih planned and co-ordinated?
I had never thought that at the last hour (3-4pm) of the sit-in the situation would turn ugly. I was at the Masjid Jamek area and mostly the atmosphere was carnival in nature with people from all walks of society, especially the younger ones, singing the national anthem and other tunes as well chanting Bersih most of the time. There were balloons and placards to lend colour to the gathering.
Truth be told, the participants were a disciplined lot, thousands and thousands of them. Even, I thought, the PDRM was a restrained lot. But it was not to be! News spread quickly from the frontliners that the police had partly opened up the barricades to Dataran Merdeka at about 3.07 pm and when the people began to move into them, the police had without any warning begun to open fire of tear gas and cannon water at the people.
Then further attacks came from other directions. The people ran helter-skelter and many were chased along Tuanku Abdul Rahman into shops. One of my friends who was a victim called to inform he was huddled inisde a shop with many others. He further said the policemen kicked very hard at the door of the shop and challenge the victims to come out to face them! Such arrogance! He further heard a lot of disturbance outside the shop as though some people were fighting with the police.
Of course, there were many people hurt by the damning effects of tear gas and water cannons, vomiting, fainting and so on. Many rushed away from the scene and began to leave, including myself. The latest news from friends who stayed back was at about 4.30pm there were many protesters still resisting the police over their unwarranted high-handed actions.
Political agenda
But the main question remaining is that why did the police adopt such dastardly actions late (just 1 hour) before the protest is supposed to end? If it is true by witnesses account that the police did purposely opened up the barricades there under instructions to allow people to move in at that late hour and immediately kick up the unwarranted fuss thereafter, there must be someone higher up there at a hidden corner behind such a cruel act on the people to achieve his political agenda!
There were thousands of Malaysians who stayed overnight and until 3.00 pm today (April 28) with many joining in for a noble Bersih cause but nothing else happened, only friendliness and the sense of camaradie prevailing. Why then must such an unfortunate situation arise at the eleventh hour if they are no dirty souls behind the fracas?
Could the police chief in charge at the scene be investigated thoroughly to find out who or which politician behind has caused the temperature of the participants to rise and respond unnecessarily and suffer the the way they did?
Damn it!
-  truthbespoken

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  1. gabra sudah korang aa. the real truth that you have made a mobster out of the dunggu malays like you. ko ada nampak cina2 tu buat violence ka.. why? because they are very smart. that's the coordinated plan. kerja2 bodoh ni melayu je buat. it's a fact. melayu tonggong macam ko je tinggal beria2 sangat nak lari kenyataan. buat la kat bukit bintang tu ke.. tempat glamorous cina2 tu? apasal tempat orang melayu meniaga? ko bersikap racist terhadap bangsa ko sendiri..

    that's good. btw, that boy that kicked the police will enjoy soon.

    tak print? hmmm.. coward bastard la.. put some balls la aa..