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Sunday, April 29, 2012

'Police motorbike knocked into m-biker near Sogo'

Another accident allegedly involving traffic police took place near Sogo, where a motorcyclist was hit by a policeman on a motorcycle, said a Bersih supporter and eyewitness.
The incident happened at 4.22pm, just a few minutes after the alleged incident where a police vehicle allegedly hit a person and caused an angry crowd to overturn the vehicle.
A police four-wheel-drive vehicle and motorbike suddenly came out from a road between Sogo Complex and Pertama Complex and turned into Jalan Raja, where the protesters were walking in a group, said the first-time protester, who wished to be known only as Chee.

bersih 3.0 rally police motorbike speeding in the crowd 2Chee said he saw both vehicle speeding up, striving to leave the scene.

“I understood the officers’ fright, since some people had become angry and began to throw water bottles at the first police car, causing the front mirror to be broken,” he said.
But he still disapproved of such act of disregard for the public's safety.
He noticed that the person in the front passenger seat of the 4WD had grabbed the driver with both hands and kept his head down, which to him was a sign of fear.
The 38-year-old businessman told Malaysiakini that while the four-wheel-drive vehicle managed to flee, the motorbike trailed behind and wasn’t so lucky, as it knocked into another motorcycle.
Both motorcycles fell to the road, and the policeman appeared to be unhurt, noted Chee.
‘Crowd prevented policeman from being beaten’
Chee said, “The incident angered the people in the area and they charged at him, wanting to beat him.

“However, another group of protesters came to his rescue, and stopped the angry crowd.
bersih 3.0 rally police motorbike speeding in the crowd 1“They even escorted him to the Mara Building, which is nearby the site where the incident took place,” he said.
Chee claimed that the protesters were angry as they had been attacked by three or four rounds of teargas and water cannon prior to the incident.
“The first attack started at 3pm, and no warning had been issued prior to it, and the participants also included elderly people and children,” he said.
Chee took part in the rally with four other friends, two of whom were among the 400 people arrested yesterday.
He also provided two videoclips of the alleged accident and the first attack by FRU toward them at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
The first videoclip showed both motorcycles fallen on the road, and a group of protesters charging at the police officer while another group tried to protect him.
The other video shows how the police attacked the massed crowd in order to disperse them. 

Chee said the crowd was forced to head towards back lanes and small roads, not knowing where they were heading, and some were even forced to jump down from a 2m-high wall.

VIDEO: 1:20

VIDEO: 1:19

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