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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sayonara, Najib: Bersih 3.0 attack the last straw on the people's back

Sayonara, Najib: Bersih 3.0 attack the last straw on the people's back
After Bersih 3.0 there is only one option left for Prime Minister Najib Razak and his BN team, enjoy and finish your term while you can.
That is until June 2013, by when elections must be held. With Najib in charge of Barisan Nasional, there is no way you guys can win the 13th General Election and I'm sure the top brass in Umno knows this and will do something to change things around - for Umno's and BN's own sakes.
The way Najib mishandled BERSIH 3.0 by hiding away from it does not augur well for him. The Rakyat will surely teach him a lesson at the ballot box. Every one of the 250,000 protesters are angry with you, just imagine how the hatred will spread to family and friends all over Malaysia.
Maximum Impact
This will be 'Maximum Impact'. No way, your mainstream newspapers and media can stop it, not even with their usual false reporting.
250,000 pairs of eyes and ears saw and heard it all. They will compare what their senses and sight told them with Najib's double talk and make their own conclusions about the action that took place that day. Really, Najib - you are quite foolish to have chosen such a course of action. Your Police chased the people all over town right up to Chinatown - mind you, there were tourist there.
In the end, everyone in the Jalan Sultan and Jalan Petaling vicinity got a good dose of tear gas - protesters as well as ordinary people out for shopping and bemused tourist. So it looks like you waged war with your own people. How could you and still expect to face them and ask them for their votes ... Sayonara Matey!
Why wait for Ambiga to finish and then quickly fire into the crowd before it dispersed?
Your police said that it was the people who turned against them, so they had no choice but to fire tear gas and water. BULL! Your police waited for Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan to declare the rally over and ordered the crowd to disperse and then they started punishing the people. Why, ah?
Some say it was most probably you must have felt hurt at the huge turnout and so, out of spite, you and your beloved cousin Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein gave instructions to hurt the people back to teach them a lesson.
Police behaved like clowns and chased the people all over town
As a result of the police chasing the people all over town, there were a few untoward incidents. But why blame the people. The police are supposed to be the professionals. They should know how to handle situations, not behave like gangsters. Now thanks to them, the people hate Umno and BN even more.
If only your expensive and fancy APCO consultants had taught you how to turn a Negative incident into a Positive one, you would not be in this predicament.
Here's some free tuition
If faced with the same situation, this is what I would have done. I would have gone down to Dataran Merdeka, meet the people and promise them the sky. I would order the police to open the barricades and let the people do their sit-in on the Padang for an hour, before taking control of the Rally and allowing it to end the next day. I might even call the Milo and ice-cream vans to give free refreshments.
If you had done that, then by the time rally ended on Sunday, you would be the Hero of the Century and GE-13 would be yours just for being nice and fair. So sorry again, mate. Nothing to do now but to sack your APCO team and media adviser. Save the money because you will need it.
Big Blunder
So, Mr Prime Minister, it looks like you screwed up big time. Take the suggestion and extend your stay till 2013 and say goodbye forever to politics.
You are not suited for it, you were thrust into it at a tender age, and everything was done for you by the people who controlled you. As a result, you never got to use your own judgement. Even right up to this day, your wife is telling you what to do. Am I right?
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