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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Driver: I passed out before crash

The police personnel who was driving the police car which crashed into several Bersih 3.0 protesters said he was not fully concious when the accident occurred.

mohamad kamil paimin 290412Speaking to reporters at his hospital bed at the Kuala Lumpur general hospital, Mohamad Kamil Paimin (right) said he was "confused" as he was losing a lot of blood after a "hard object hit his head on the left side".

He added that he had passed out after that and came to after receiving treatment at the hospital.

"I don't even know the car crashed. I had already passed out," he said.
Mohamad Kamil, who is a corporal based in Hulu Terengganu, said he was heading to Dataran from the police training centre when he was caught in the melee.  

mohamad kamil paimin 290412“I am unfamiliar with the roads. The protesters were throwing things at the car. I don't know what happened to the windows on the driver and front passengers side, all I know is that the windshield was smashed,” he said. 

The 23-year-old, who was seen being taken out of the car and protected by protesters, also agreed when reporters suggested that he had panicked. 

Mohd Kamil received six stitches for his head injury. 

Videographer saved cop out of ‘humanity’

Meanwhile, Al Hijrah videographer Mohd Azmi Mohd Salleh said that he was compelled to jump in front of the protesters to save Mohamad Kamil out of a “sense of humanity”.

“People say I wanted to be a hero. No, I helped him out of a sense of humanity. No one was there to help him at the time. He was alone and passed out and there was a lot of protesters,” he said. 

alhijrah azri salleh 290412He said the protesters had pulled him aside and assaulted him until his crash helmet slipped off, so much so that he received nine stitches on his scalp. 

“I managed to slip away from the crowd, and found that I was bleeding profusely,” said Mohd Azmi, who had still managed to send his footage of the crash to his TV station. 

He said he was wearing the crash helmet as he arrived at the scene on his motorbike, having videotaped Mohamad Kamil’s police car prior to the crash.
“He was not speeding. He had passed out and the car went out of control,” he said, corroborating the police officer’s story. 

Mohd Azmi, who showed his bloodied media tag, had earlier received a visit from Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, inspector-general of police Ismail Omar and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. 

The trio also visited traffic police lance corporal Mohd Nasir Mansor, who was also injured during the rally yesterday.

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