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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Najib, a violent despot: BN, a loser even before GE-13 is called

Najib, a violent despot: BN, a loser even before GE-13 is called
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s attempt at concocting a false façade of himself as a ‘reformer’ came to a grinding halt in the gas-filled streets of Kuala Lumpur on a blazing Saturday afternoon.
Najib let loose his thugs in blue who rampaged through the streets beating and kicking unresisting and unarmed protestors as they ‘arrested’ them. They were unfazed by the fact that they were being caught on camera since they would always be protected by their masters.
Why would Najib unloose such mayhem and violence so close to the General Election? The plan appears to be to create an atmosphere of fear which the BN could then exploit to rig the election even more than they usually do. For the BN has already lost the election and it is looking now for desperate schemes to somehow return to power.
BN has already lost GE-13
Najib will not succeed in this and the blood that the BN has spilled on the April 28 Bersih 3.0 rally for free and fair polls will translate into votes against it come Election Day.
The BN, trying to justify their savage attacks, said they only attacked the protestors because they crossed the barricades in Dataran Merdeka. We can’t confirm that the protestors crossed the barriers; but if they did; so what?
Blockading Dataran was an entirely unnecessary and provocative act by the BN to justify the violence that they unleashed today. Dataran belongs to all Malaysians and not a bunch of flabby corrupt BN politicians.
So what if a group of Malaysians wanted to sit there? Most of it is a field, not some busy junction!
Bersih must be more aggressive: Think of the protesters' sacrifice and don't be 'kiasu'
In this matter, of course, we are entirely in disagreement with the weak-kneed leadership of Bersih who, after gathering more than a hundred thousand people, and surrounding the Dataran from all sides; in stunning anti-climax; ordered the protestors to disperse.
This was barely 30 minutes after the Bersih protest had started! Nobody travelled from Kedah, Kelantan, Johor or for that matter Bangsar just to hear Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan tell them to go right home.
The brave and committed protestors were very much let down by the Bersih committee on April 28. If the Bersih committee had the intention of saving the protestors from harm, then they do not know the BN well at all.
Look what the BN did! Try to feel the pain of those who were punched, kicked and beaten before being dragged off to some detention center.
With their medieval tactics, BN has only succeeded in radicalizing yet more Malaysians, and in turning peaceful protestors into hardened street-fighters.
This was clearly shown by the 5,000 or so protestors who reacted to the tear gas and water cannon by refusing to leave and making a fight of it instead.
Najib may decide to pay attention to the exponentially growing number of protestors and introduce real reform in Malaysia in the little time his premiership has left. Or he may continue with his faux reforms.
Whatever he does now, he will still lose this election. Because he has left it all too late.
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