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Saturday, February 4, 2017

A hero’s welcome for those accused of graft

YOURSAY | ‘Annuar supporters don't even know what corruption and abuse of power are.’
Anonymous #44199885: Only in BN is a hero's welcome accorded not to those who sacrifice for the nation but to those accused of corruption, misgovernance and abuse of position.
Umno is a strange party today, it is no longer the party that fought for Malaya and freedom of its people but a party that by the misdeeds of its leaders shackles Malaysians to mediocrity and poverty.
Gone are the principled generations of Umno.
Anonymous 2447961480069542: Treated like a 'God' if you are a suspected crook. That's the culture that has evolved in Umno over time so long as you protect Malay interests and condemn non-Malays.
These supporters don't even know what corruption and abuse of power are, simply because they are now so ingrained into their daily lives.
Slumdog: Suspended Mara chief Annuar Musa’s timid acceptance of his destiny and accepting all responsibility for the situation that he finds himself in indicates that he knows something that we do not.
His behaviour is the complete opposite to the standard Umno politicians’ practice of protestations of innocence, denials, spin, excuses and obfuscation.
I am no soothsayer but I can see the undue influence of MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali lurking in the background. A hero's welcome, that is obscene.
Vijay47: Dark screen melting. Desolate landscape, the slow approach of dawn. The plaintiff lament of a flute, the soft sorrowful voice of SD Burman. Cut.
Flash of brilliant light. The berserk beat of a hundred drums, a thousand colourful dancing girls, hips thrusting, bosoms bouncing.
And charging through the blinding dazzle, no, it can't be, yes, it is… Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Rajni Khan, no, it is… Annuar Musa!
Pausing on his horse, bare-chested, muscles throbbing, he speaks to the villagers "Go home, mera dhost, there is nothing to fear. Man has his duties, I have my fate. Come what may, I will face it. If the heavens find me guilty, we shall all go to jail."
Cut to silently weeping village damsel, cut to silently weeping aged villager, cut to silently weeping entire village. And meanwhile in distant Gujarat, Gandhi wonders what the world is coming to.
Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Please see that you have not left anything behind. Take your tissues with you.
Shunyata: And so, it was in the depths of my soul that I searched for the answer to the question, "Am I guilty?"
Alas, the answer is not to be known to me, for only the Almighty and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are privy to such a mysterious riddle.
Stay calm, my brothers. While I had to cut short my stay in a country most of you cannot afford to visit, with or without BR1M, I do not blame either of the two Ismails who have landed me in this predicament.
In the meantime, I shall offer nothing but my fullest cooperation to the agency which may be ripping me apart to get to answers even I do not have.
Let us thus pray together, that the truth which the nation seeks, which has been kept from me, shall emerge like the glorious rise of The Red Warriors.
Negarawan: Jho Low cannot be guilty of any wrongdoing as the MACC, Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Bank Negara and Attorney-General’s Chambers have declared that there is nothing more to investigate in the 1MDB case.
We have to believe MACC, PDRM, Bank Negara and AG’s Chambers because they are all allegedly operating based on Islamic principles.
The seven countries which are still investigating and prosecuting those behind 1MDB, including the US, Switzerland and Singapore, are all committing serious errors because they do not follow Islamic principles and laws as practiced in Malaysia.
Malaysia is even trying to enhance its Islamic laws by enacting Act 355, which is far supreme than the criminal laws in these "kafir harbi" countries.
Jho Low, please come home to Malaysia together with Riza Aziz, where our superior legal system and government institutions will protect you completely from any wrongful charges.
Your vast contributions towards so many global issues, for example, streamlining the global financial system, means that you should be honoured with a datukship at least.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Now, is the AG still saying no new evidence to warrant reopening the 1MDB case?
All you need to do is to contact the Swiss authorities, Singapore and US and you can have all the evidence you want.
Mr IGP, isn't it high time for you to call up the "young Malaysian businessman" and Mr Immigration, shouldn’t you cancel his Malaysian passport.
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Hishammuddin Hussein, being senior cabinet members, are you going to continue to ignore the evidence and betray the trust the rakyat have in you?
Redeem yourselves by initiating investigations and bring the culprits to book. Otherwise our country is doomed and future generation will curse you for not doing anything about it.
Kim Quek: Since handling the dirty money of Jho Low is an offence (money-laundering), isn’t Jho Low an even greater offender as the master thief who had used the financial institutions in Switzerland to launder his billions allegedly stolen from 1MDB?
Why hasn’t the Swiss authority charged Jho Low? By the same rationale, why hasn’t the Singapore authority charged Jho Low?
Is it because charging Jho Low may trigger a diplomatic row that these two governments are not prepared to face - considering Jho Low’s intimate relationship with the Malaysian prime minister, who was the founder and chief controller of 1MDB?Anonymous 2447961480069542: Nothing happens in Malaysia. Why? Because MO1 is calling all the shots with the help of AG and all the other agencies.

The biggest alleged crook is apparently now rounding all the smaller crooks to give the impression that he is a fighter of corruption.- Mkini

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