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Saturday, February 4, 2017

‘Many policemen have serious debt problems’

Many policemen, including officers, in the country have serious debt problems as a result of their own action in taking loans beyond their means.
Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) deputy director of management (training) DCP T Narenasagaran said some of them had to deduct 40 percent of their salary for loan repayment, hence making it difficult for them to manage their finances well.
“We should not easily give in to demands by family members if we cannot afford it,” he told reporters after the end of training parade for 199 police constables at the Police Training Centre in Dungin today.
He said members of the PDRM were required to get the approval of their superiors to apply for loans and the loan repayment would be made through salary deduction which would be stated in their salary slips.

The problem is that they made loans without the knowledge of their superiors, he added.
Earlier in his speech, Narenasagaran advised the police trainees to embrace the concept of lifelong learning to improve themselves and become capable and dedicated policemen, as well as with integrity.
Meanwhile, three trainees were named the best trainees. They are Constable Mohamad Hairul Azmeer Mohd Nasir, 22, from Machang, Kelantan; Mohamad Faizal Abdullah, 27, from Senai, Johor, and Makhzan Mukhtar, 27, from Kuantan, Pahang.

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