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Monday, February 6, 2017

Crown prince gets green light from father to contest FAM post

Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has consented to the nomination of his son, Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, to contest for the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president post.
The decision was made after the Sultan granted an audience with representatives of football clubs from several states this morning.
According to the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page, after hearing the pitch from representatives, Sultan Ibrahim instructed the crown prince to "change Malaysian football".
Malacca Football Association deputy president Mohd Yusoff Mahadi, the spokesperson for 14 representatives, said the sultan wanted a reassurance that the FAM affiliate members supported the crown prince.

"After (we reassured him), the sultan consented and we take it that the crown prince had agreed (to be nominated).
"His highness also imposed a condition: We must not set a deadline for the crown prince to rebuild the organisation if his candidacy is successful," said Mohd Yusoff.
The FAM is slated to hold its election next month.
Tunku Ismail was nominated as FAM president during the last election in 2014. During that contest, Pahang Crown Prince Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah won after garnering 27 votes to Tunku Ismail's 12 votes.- Mkini

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