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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Ku Nan, Is KL housing under your care 'affordable'?

YOURSAY | 'If people in Penang are unhappy they would not give Pakatan Rakyat a convincing victory.'
Mushiro: Yesterday, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor claimed he wanted to help the Penang Malays. Today he wanted to make home ownership in Penang affordable.
My son who lives in Wangsa Maju in the Federal Territories just bought a 40-year-old two room flat with 840 square feet of space for RM260,000. With lawyers fees and stamp duties, this adds up to RM275,000.
Is this what Tengku Adnan consider as affordable? A small house on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur is not less than RM550,000. Tengku Adnan is talking without listening to the plight of the KL folks.
Roger 5201: According to Tengku Adnan, turning Penang into a federal territory can help make home ownership affordable. If the Federal Territories under his watch is anything to go by, Kuala Lumpur has more soup kitchens and vagrants than most states in Malaysia, including Penang.
Ryan: Ku Nan, you can put "home ownership affordable" as BN election manifesto during Penang state election and let the people of Penang choose what they want.
Turning Penang into FT is an activity designed to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by unconstitutional means is an offence under the Section 124B of the Penal Code.
Shamu99: You can't even control prices in KL or build enough affordable homes. You think the rakyat are stupid. Your suggestions sounds so silly. If people in Penang are unhappy they would not give Pakatan Harapan a convincing victory.
Old timer: Ku Nan, you are out of touch with reality. Sabah is under BN, the houses here are more expensive than those in Selangor. Penang was under BN for a long time, but the house prices then were very high too.
Don't make promises you can't keep. KL house prices are high too.
Anonymous 007: BN has been ruling Penang for many years. Why suddenly the plight of the Malays is being considered? I am sure during the BN rule, BN has taken care of the Malays.
Bob the builder: If you want to help the Malays, Umno should go to Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang where Malays are majority and are suffering. Penang is not a place to just help the Malays, because half the population are non-Malays.
Anonyxyz: Kelantan is very underdeveloped and many are living below poverty line. Majority are Malays. Should it not be the first to become FT going by Tengku Adnan's logic.
Bersatu Malaysia: He is playing a dangerous game, one that will backfire on BN. You can't change the status of Penang. The Malays in Penang are not neglected. It is just Umno's pride that is hurt.
They are greedy for control of this rich state. Somebody must make a police report against him.
Gerard Lourdesamy: There are Chinese, Indians, Iban and Kadazan who are neglected in the other states. Why not convert all of them into federal territories? The minister obviously has a very poor understanding of the constitution and the history of the country.
He should first try to administer KL properly without any elected local authority before concerning himself with Penang. The Penang Malays that I spoke to are all hoping for another DAP win in the state in GE14.
Kamaapo: Hello minister, Penang is the best administered state in Malaysia. Looks like you just can't digest this truth. It is good for the federal government to learn the basics of clean and efficient administration from the present Penang government.
Don't always use the race-religion card to cover up the stinking mega scandals and failures. It is better to make Kelantan a federal territory.
There are many needy Malays there all would become so prosperous and progressive in a short span of time with Umno's trademark clean and brilliant guidance.
Clever Voter: The loss of Penang was a blow to BN. The self-serving politicians lost a valuable cash cow. It is not about helping a particular community. It's about access to business contracts.
Both Selangor and Penang have generated more than their fair share to our national coffers. Everything is possible in a rogue state. BN has not only got bolder but brave enough to admit their motives, which are no different from their self-serving agenda.
Unless the people rise up to act and express themselves, our future looks threatening.
But BN has propagandists everywhere, and deep pockets to win back their territories beyond ballot box. Society deserves better. Political culture has to include the willingness to express and act against such threats.
Anonymous #03815719: Tengku Adnan has come to a conclusion that Penang is beyond Umno's reach and is now finding a short cut to establish their rule. All of us know that.
As said correctly by Lim Lip Eng the Malays in Kelantan and Terengganu must demand that they be brought under federal rule to enjoy the benefits in view of the poverty.
Warrant Addict: We are wasting time talking about this FT issue. It will not materialise.

This issue was raised merely to divert your focus away from RM2,600,000,000.00 found in someone’s AmBank account.- Mkini

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