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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jamal - rooster one day, feather duster the next

YOURSAY | ‘It looks like Jamal is going from hero to zero...’
Kingfisher: The arrest and detention of red-shirts chief Jamal Mohd Yunos on an allegation of gang robbery must be a welcome relief for many Selangorians who were getting rather frustrated with this group’s - led outside the ambit of this Umno leader’s role and responsibility - initiatives at moral policing of "illicit activities" of citizens and "entertainment outlets".
The PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) may have already gained the good esteem of the general public for its efforts in this instance whatever the final outcome, pending due process of diligent investigation.
There was increasing concern among ordinary Selangorians that the likes of Jamal and his group may become a serious threat to law and order if their ill-conceived actions were not stifled promptly.
Furthermore, if there were any suspicions that Jamal had been emboldened in engaging in wrongful activities by certain individuals with political influence, such suspicions would be put to rest now with this appropriate action by the police.
FairMind: So, Jamal allegedly robbed some of the patrons of these entertainment outlets under the pretence of checking these outlets, which he has no authority or business to check.
Now that he is caught, what a convenient excuse to give that these outlets were gambling dens. Even if these outlets were gambling dens, he certainly has no right to rob the patrons of the money.
After having robbed these outlets, he still has the gall to wave to the cameramen as if he is some kind of hero.
This man is either sick in the head or his head was so swollen due to the high-level backing by his chieftain in Umno.
Vijay47: If the promised police action takes its course as proper investigations should, then I must compliment inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar.
My take is that the development is genuine - Jamal's rampage, or rather his latest display of running amok, was about a month ago and if it had been allowed to die a natural death under the "boys will be boys" label, nobody would have been the wiser or surprised, it would have been just another day at the police station.
But Jamal arrested? Is the sky falling down? Is there really a God in heaven? Is Elvis alive?
Mushiro: Let us see how far the police will go in this case. Jamal has exceeded the limit, taken the law into his own hands and has also allegedly rioted.
But he seems to be a "red-eyed boy" of Umno and is thus untouchable.
RR: The arrest of Jamal shows that there are still some sensible police officers there to do the necessary to uphold law and order in the country.
Whether the judiciary will execute justice is yet another matter.
Gaji Buta: Let's just watch how the prosecution team screws up the case.
Maybe the victims should engage their own lawyers to do the prosecution, like what the government did by engaging Muhammad Shafee Abdullah in former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case.
Slumdog: It looks like Jamal is going from hero to zero; rooster one day, feather duster the next.
Shunyata: Incensed by the raids on their fortune-houses, the Godfathers held a roundtable, during which the spilling of the blood of the Boy-thug was demanded for.
The Men in Blue, seeing that it would be a situation of damned-if-they-did and damned-if-they-didn't, sought to appease their brothers in dragon-emblazoned gold rings by promising for the Boy-thug's immediate capture and imprisonment.
Initially defiant, the Boy-thug eventually relented to his fate, knowing he would have at the very least his life while behind bars, bowing out like the Fire Monkey with the ever-deafening crow of the Fire Rooster.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Why did PAS get booted out of Terengganu if their policies were so great?
I can tell you from my visits to Terengganu at that time that while people appreciated the relatively clean state government, they complained that there was hardly any business or investments coming into the state. Development came to a virtual standstill.
Further, then MB Abdul Hadi Awang's tough Islamic policies caused a decline in tourism as well. The Terengganu Malays are more pragmatic than their Kelantanese counterparts. While religion is important to them, they still want progress and development.
Hopeless: Yes, with all the 'achievements', PAS still 'kalah' (was defeated by BN) in Terengganu with a big majority. Wooden house without swimming pool still could not win votes.
The only explanation - severe lack of ability and competency to govern. Or as we know now, not trustworthy.
Mushiro: Terengganu PAS information chief Mohd Nor Hamzah said party leader Hadi Awang only had two wooden houses.
Did he care to find out all the assets PM Najib Razak owned and from where Najib got the money? Did he care to find out the assets owned by Umno vice-presidents, division leaders and even branch leaders?
Reverse123: Indeed, wooden house is not enough. PAS need to show that it is capable of governing, not just proclaim in god’s name everything ‘Islamic’, provide evidence of actual economic developments and improving the general living conditions of the people.

Are the Muslims in Penang happier than Kelantan?
Anonymous 2408551459232350: Mohd Nor, it costs much more to acquire a wife than to build a swimming pool. The maintenance of a wife is also costlier than a pool. So, what are you trying to tell us?- Mkini

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