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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ex-MACC chief has made his choice, we will make ours

YOURSAY | ‘Resignation, retirement, removed, fired, wings clipped, etc, are all collateral damage...’
6th Generation Immigrant: Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kassim Mohamed says, "All communities must reject political ideologies (when it comes to fighting corruption)".
Sad indeed, wasn't he the very supreme leader of that very important community which could have saved Malaysia?
Resignation, retirement, removed, fired, wings clipped, etc, are all collateral damage that comes along with his chosen profession. He threw in the towel... too easily.
Any logical thinking Malaysians would have backed him all the way till the end if he had postured more courage and determination, but he seemingly chose to shy or fade away and "remained quiet", even after more confirmed collaborating criminal information are proven in courts outside Malaysia.
A quote from George Patton - "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way."
For a man who knows very much more than the general Malaysian public, this speech by the former MACC chief at the mosque is meaningless. Fighting and dying like a loyal soldier is the route he should follow.
Kingfisher: Abu Kassim has obviously raised important arguments to eradicate corruption after his retirement as MACC head. His insights into the moral philosophy underlying a non-corrupt society merit consideration.
An electoral majority at the popular vote should not be assumed by a majority party as a given right to plunder public resources for party and personal gain.
Elevation to important political positions does not give any individual the prerogative to mismanage and misappropriate for personal gain.
Legitimate development assistance as per the constitution for the benefit of specific target groups and communities should not be abused by diverting any such funds (for the targeted groups) for illicit purposes.
Prolonged electoral successes, legitimate preferential prerogatives for specific groups and a cultivated sense of a united community consciousness should not be seen as consequential to diluting nor diminishing the vested powers of enforcement against corruption.
Anonymous_3f94: But how can the fight against corruption be non-partisan when the very reason so many join BN is to partake of the goodies that corruption offers?
Clever Voter: Abu Kassim chose an easier career path with Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Like many, it takes more than courage and principles to fight the patronage system so entrenched and filled with politics.
Yes, it’s easier said than done - to beat the system it requires a principled and visionary leadership that puts self behind, a conviction that has the support of all.
This is not a huge nation compare to our neighbours, yet more wealthy to afford much for all. We have not got past the material phase where money talks, and it is no surprise shortcuts through paying bribes are common.
Corruption has nothing to do with ideology - it’s common in both communist or capitalist state. The problem will worsen as we chase for more wealth, as opportunities within a patronage system increase.
Ironically, corruption increases as more regulations are in place. If we want a corruption-free country, then we must be prepared to do away with the patronage system. This is a choice.
Abu Kassim made his choice, but his successor may choose other options.
Ash Burn: Well said, and following a pattern of loyalists allegedly betrayed, retired and whose voices are now louder than before. Abu Kassim, you are asking for a systemic change in this country.
Clever Voter: Najib Abdul Razak is known to be more ‘talk’ than ‘do’. Very few take his speeches seriously, let alone his commitments.
As PM, he has to say the right things and what others want to hear. He is definitely not the person to champion the fight against corruption.
Abu Kassim chose not to confront, BN chose to perpetuate, opposition has to say the right things. Ordinary people may say ‘no’ but they are part of the system.
So long as licensing and regulations are plenty these are fertile grounds for corruption. From signboards to paying for a driving licence or clearing goods, many small or big businesses will tell you it’s business as usual.
Society will on paper benefit when corruption goes but will they be prepared to pay more and more competitive?
The biggest test will be the voters’ choice. Hopefully they make the right choice. It will be for the public good if an opposition choice is picked.
Negarawan: Indeed, can we expect Umno politicians, who allegedly thrive and depend on graft for their personal gratification and political survival, to even heed such urgings to fight graft?
Abu Kassim and DAP leader Lim Kit Siang must be out of their minds. The fight against graft can only happen from outside Umno, even from outside the country, owing to the ‘corrupt’ government institutions.The Analyser:  The way I see it, corruption is a social issue in itself and there is no such thing as political ideologies in Malaysia. If there is a political ideology it centres around greed, like corruption is a social issue in itself.

NNFC: Often, many politicians will just pay lip service to these things. We all know who the ‘thieves’ are and the only way is to punish them in GE14.-Mkini

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