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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Explain KLIA becoming 'playground for foreign agents', Zahid told

Lim Kit Siang wants Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to explain the security lax at KLIA 2 following the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
In a media statement, the DAP veteran said that reasons must be provided as to how the airport could become a “playground for foreign agents.”
Though unconfirmed, various sources, including intelligence agencies, claimed that Jong-nam was murdered by North Korean agents.
Lim (photo) also quoted a Bloomberg report where Lee Cheol-woo, who is the chairperson of the intelligence committee in South Korea's Parliament, said after a briefing by South Korean intelligence officers that that two Asian women suspected in the murder are believed to be still in Malaysia.
“If South Korean intelligence officers can brief South Korean legislators, why can't Malaysia's intelligence officers brief Malaysian parliamentarians on an issue which is extremely embarrassing for Malaysia?” he asked.
As far as bad news for Malaysia on the world stage goes, the phrase “it never rains but it pours” is most apt, Lim said.

Earlier, Oriental Daily quoted police sources as stating that the taxi driver who ferried the women from the airport has been arrested.
However, there has been no official confirmation on this.
Meanwhile, the theSun also reported based on police sources that one of the women believed to be involved in the incident was arrested.
Police have also not confirmed if the victim was Jong-nam, who was identified as Kim Chol, 46, in his passport.- Mkini

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