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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Johor civil servants asked to donate to wakaf fund

A circular issued by the Johor government have asked civil servants, including non-Muslims, to donate to the state's Islamic wakaf fund every month.
"This circular is to announce the monthly deduction facility to all state, federal, statutory bodies and local government non-Muslim and Muslim staff serving in Johor to contribute to the Tabung Wakaf Rakyat Johor," it read.
This is to be accomplished via monthly deductions from their pay to be credited into the Tabung Wakaf Rakyat Johor. The state treasury had also issued a deduction code for the purpose.
The matter was the subject of the circular dated Jan 18 informing the state, local and federal government departments, agencies and statutory bodies in Johor.
This will effect all state and federal civil service staff in the state as well as those working for local governments and state statutory bodies.
The circular however, states that government servants are being asked to contribute, and there is no mention that it is compulsory.

The deductions also requires the government servant in question to give their assent via a form that would be supplied.
Civil servants who want to can also contribute more than the specified RM10.
The circular was followed with a letter dated Jan 19, informing the affected government bodies to implement the decision. The instruction is to take effect from the date of the circular.
"With regards to the matter, you are hereby ordered to take appropriate actions to ensure that item 5 of the circular (on deductions) is adhered to," read the letter.
According to the letter, the matter was mooted by the state executive council on June 27 last year.
The circular was issued by Johor state secretary Azmi Bin Rohani, while the letter was signed by deputy state secretary Ramli Bin A Rahman on behalf of the state secretariat.

The Tabung Wakaf Rakyat Johor is an Islamic development fund administered by the Johor Islamic Board, though the entire fund is held in trust by the the Johor State Islamic Religious Council.
According to the circular, the monies collected from the civil servants for the wakaf fund will be used to develop Islamic infrastructure, education and economic projects.
The circular and letter is available online at the Johor Education Department website.- Mkini

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