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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Prince sends ‘Mat Tere’ home in royal car

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Ibrahim sent home Mat Tere, a man arrested over alleged remarks against the prince, in a vehicle driven by the royal chauffeur.
The Kelantanese, known as ‘Mat Tere’, was released yesterday after the prince intervened and vouched for his innocence.
The prince said Mat Tere, or his full name Muhammad Zul Apiz Baharum, 29, was tricked into making the remarks against Tunku Ismail by those with a “political agenda”.
“Mat Tere was given permission to return to Kelantan today after the police of Johor received an order from the crown prince of Johor to not continue the remand against him.
“Mat Tere has been sent back using prepared transportation by His Royal Highness to ensure he arrives in Kelantan safely,” the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page said.
The page is the official social media account of the Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) football club owned by Tunku Ismail.
Ketereh Umno Youth chief Mohd Azam Ismail earlier lodged a police report against the arrest, claiming that Mat Tere is developmentally-challenged.

“We are certain he has been used in this issue,” Mohd Azam, who is also Kelantan Umno Youth chief, reportedly said.
Mat Tere’s family also urged that the Johor palace to forgive him as he did not realise what he said, Sinar Harian reported.
Police told Malaysiakini the case is closed as Tunku Ismail does not want the issue pursued.- Mkini

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