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Saturday, February 11, 2017

PTPTN not facing financial difficulties, says Idris

The delay in public university students receiving their disbursements is due to a communication issue and not because of financial difficulties faced by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), says Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh.
He said the communication issue had been resolved as the universities concerned sent the confirmation of the students’ academic status to PTPTN for the disbursement process.
“I have discussed with the PTPTN chief executive (Wan Ahmad Wan Yusoff) and he said there was no problem (as) many universities had already sent a list (verifying the students’ academic status),” he added.
Idris was speaking to reporters after opening the two-day National Higher Education Carnival ‘Jom Masuk IPT’ in Kota Baru today.
Newspapers reported today that PTPTN borrowers in 11 public universities faced delays in receiving payments as the agency had not received confirmation of the students’ academic status from the universities concerned.
Meanwhile, Idris said that last year, PTPTN managed to collect loan repayments of RM3.4 billion, surpassing the target of RM2 billion.
On the carnival, he said the event was aimed at exposing students to opportunities available at public and private universities, polytechnics, community colleges and public vocational training institutes.
“Higher education in our country continues to improve with higher rankings, increased recognition, and students are no longer hesitant when choosing universities in the country, as we also have good ones.

Idris added the success and excellence of higher education in the country had not only opened the eyes of Malaysians, but also foreign students.
He said this was because the cost of education here was lower as compared to other countries such as the United States and Australia.
The carnival will be held nationwide, with the final stop being Negri Sembilan, on March 25.

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