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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time for Malay women to show their collective power

YOURSAY | ‘Who and what have brainwashed these women that they need a man in their life?’
P Dev Anand Pillai: Writer Mariam Mokhtar, I am one of your staunchest readers and follow all your articles but I must say that, this all boils down to Malay women themselves.
They are a force to reckon with so why can't they mobilise and oppose all this? If only Malay women were able to think independently and vote with their conscience, Umno and PAS would have lost power a long time ago.
They complain, they rant, they shout, they scream and throw tantrums but when it comes to the vote, they diligently vote for these men who allegedly make fools and sex slaves out of them.
The Malay man knows that no matter what he does, he can still count on the Malay woman to vote him into power. So who do we blame?
Anonymous_1388029052: Mariam, together with the DAP Malay women like Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, Syerleena Abdul Rashid, etc, can spearhead the campaign to help the rural folks to free themselves from the clutches of Umno/PAS.
They, like all other Malaysians, have a role to play in enhancing gender equality in Malaysia.
The Analyser: If one was to take the totality of Malaysian political news from the past 15 years and deleted all that is negative about PAS and Umno - all the criticisms, all the negativity, all the insults, all the derision - there would be very little left.
We saw some light with Anwar Ibrahim's efforts at a manifesto, but that didn't last as his goals were abandoned by his party. Apart from DAP's feeble and weak attempts to curry favour with the Malays - nothing. Amanah, nothing. PKR, nothing. Bersatu, worse than nothing.
The complete lack of any vision, any direction, any plans, any policies is a massive indictment of Malaysian society.
Where are the thinkers, where are the idealists, where are the visionaries, where are the men and women with principles?
Malaysia is a barren wasteland of ignorance, selfishness and greed... all wrapped up in the shiny paper of self-righteousness.
Mytwocents: I don't understand Muslim women who marry already married men who can't even support them and their children.
They must sadly lack the confidence to remain as single women until they meet a man deserving of them, or else stay unmarried.
Who and what have brainwashed these women that they need a man in their life?
Wira: The Muslim women of Kelantan, or elsewhere in Malaysia, can decide which party to rule them. Hence, they don't get sympathy from me.
Onlooker: One ex-minister was allegedly notorious for this and no female journalist would sit beside him in his preferred 'round table' format as his hand would ‘land on her knee’.
One female journalist endured daily harassment of the type mentioned in the story from another former minister, head of a BN component party, who followed what she was wearing and would make a text comment about it every day.
It took some sleuthing to confirm the person responsible by a young scared reporter as all the text messages were anonymous. It is a common problem.
FellowMalaysian: Respect for the female gender in this day and age in Bolehland (let's not talk about our neighbours) is sorely lacking and embarrassingly hard to find.
Sadly, the society pays little attention to this stark failing of the male gender but the most disgusting thing is that the problem is often brushed away with a shrug.
Our mentality where it involves treating women with respect and decency has been forgotten since ages ago. So when will we ever learn?
Prudent: There need to be legislation against sexual harassment in general, with clear guidelines as to what constitute sexual harassment together with penalties.
This way, both male and female employees can have protection against sexual harassment.
Dinosaur: Writer Aidila Razak, that’s an interesting story. This does not only happen to news reporters, but also in other professions, too.
We had heard a lot about it, the latest being the current US president.
Hmmmmmmmm: They are the 'Bungs' of our society.
Macau Rice: To protect the nation's image and reputation, it is more important that ministers of this government like Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor should not talk irresponsibly and telling the people off, which sounded like - if you don't like it here, you can leave...
Bad Feng Shui: Tengku Adnan should also tell his boss not take advantage of Malaysians by arbitrarily raising the prices of fuel as he would probably need their votes again this year.
The Analyser: Malaysians have been taking advantage of foreign tourists since Independence. Before that, it was the Malayans taking advantage.
This is a classic case of Malaysians thinking they have the right to tell everyone what they should do.
Bob the Builder: "To protect the nation's image?" Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) has destroyed the country’s image, not the traders.

MYComment: Don't worry. Foreigners can afford to pay the difference since the ringgit is probably going to be worthless paper soon.- Mkini

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