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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hindu PM Modi Defends Muslim Women's Rights

sister of triple talaq victim warned Muslim clerics she will adopt Hinduism if they don’t set their house in order

Covered in a hijab, the Muslim woman, creating a scene at Kichha police, said, “What is the use of spending whole life with a man who can at any point of time desert his wife by saying Talaq, Talaq, Talaq? If this injustice happens in old age then where would the victim go?”

“Today I am young and why would I spend my whole life with the fear of triple talaq? It is better to embrace Hinduism and marry a Hindu man who would at least not destroy my life by uttering just three words,” she added.

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said,”What Modi is doing for the country is very good. What he is doing for women, especially for Muslim women, is very good.”

Modi had said on Sunday that candid discussions must take place on triple talaq, while clerics have said Muslim community should have the right to decide.

Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance government is strongly battling to abolish the triple talaq practice among Muslims. 

The Muslim clergy has been opposing the government terming it as interference in the religious matters of Muslims.

The Modi government has, through an affidavit in the Supreme Court, supported a ban on triple talaq, much to the displeasure of the All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board. 

The government position on triple talaq has been that it denies Muslim women the basic fundamental rights and leads to their exploitation.

My comments : What can I say ?  There is no triple talaq in the Quran.

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