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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Toll Operators And Banks Fleecing The Public - By Alias Dasuki

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This is a comment by Alias Dasuki who comments often in this Blog. Thank you sdra Alias. Time for teh tarik if you are in Bangsar.

Syed, I  wish to touch on two issues for the moment.   Firstly, on the tolls and, secondly on recent banking practices. 

1.  Toll Operators

A couple of weeks ago I raised the question of nearly being cheated at the Karak Toll on 3/3/2017. Despite the details I gave, nothing came of it. 

It is quite obvious that neither the toll operators are concerned, nor the Government cares a hoot that their voters are fleeced. Road users are totally at the mercy of the operators. 

Besides having to be compelled to pay tolls on roads they formerly used for free, they are also now forced to allocate part of their money in plastic cards just to meet unplanned future toll payments consequent to the recent change that toll payments are no longer payable in cash. 

Just imagine the amount of public funds the toll operators get free of interest and the number of toll cashiers being rendered unemployed as a result of the change in rule. I would implore that the Government be directly taken to task for this indiscretion. 

2.  Banking Practises

As regards banking practices, banks appear to have exploited the "Save the Trees" campaign by giving excuses not to issue bank statements to account holders. BNM must be blind to have not objected to the banks' unethical ploy since the banks' reaction in no way contributes to the "Save the Trees" campaign.

The bank statements are NECESSITIES to account holders and would somehow have to be printed for record purposes. The pieces of paper on which the statements are printed would remain the same, be it printed by the banks, or by their account-holders. 

The only difference is the shift as to who bears the cost for the paper and the printing thereof. 

And, here's where BNM is caught napping again. Or, has it already abandoned its role towards public interests ? 

Besides having to meet the expenses for the printing, we account holders are also not sure whether our own documents can be accepted in Court at a later stage should disputes arise with the banks concerned.
Sunday, April 16, 2017 11:24:00 PM

My comments : My view is as far as the gomen is concerned, the Toll Operators come first.

As far as Bank Negara is concerned, the Banks come first.

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