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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

After Anti Hysteria Kit Now It Is Shariah Compliant Piss Kit (for men only)

I actually read this last Thursday 22nd June and uploaded it last Friday. I did not want to spoil anyone's Hari Raya appetite. Here is some unbelievable news:

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) hasilkan alat buang air kecil lelaki 
patuh syariah Suci-Urinal System (SUCI-URiS) yang pertama seumpamanya 

Naib Canselor kata  buang air kecil cetus ilham  penyelidik, diketuai Prof 

peralatan itu dilengkapi 
  • beg simpanan 600 gram
  • bekas tempat membuang air kecil 
  • penyembur air bersih
  • pemegang kemaluan lelaki pelbagai saiz
  • beg urin satu liter dan tiub lapor Berita Harian

membangunkan produk mengambil setahun
memorandum komersialkan produk
Produk mendapat sokongan Mufti Melaka 

My comments : This reminds me of a joke I heard 36 years ago (at age 21) from a cousin of mine who was about eight years old at that time.

A Martian  space ship suddenly appeared out of the sky.  
The spaceship landed.  
The doors opened and a Martian  stepped out. 
A huge crowd gathered to watch.
They became terrified when the Martian walked towards them. 
The Martian looked at them and said,  "Oi, tempat kencing mana?"  

It had been a long journey for the Martians and they did not have a shariah compliant Piss Kit with them.

In closing I just have one question. The Berita Harian report is quoted:

  • pemegang kemaluan lelaki pelbagai saiz

How was the field testing done to derive this data for "kemaluan lelaki pelbagai saiz" ?  

I mean did it go something like this :

"Assalamualaikum.  Untuk mengumpul data  saiz kemaluan lelaki, kami jemput lelaki saiz   10 cm ke bawah berdiri di saluran "Aspirasi"

Bagi lelaki 10 cm hingga 15 cm, sila berdiri di saluran "Inspirasi".

Dan lelaki yang 15 cm ke atas sila berdiri di saluran 'Gergasi'."

Was there any verification done - about the sizes?  
How was it verified?
Was there any cheating?

Were there any control experiments? 
You need a control experiment for things like this.

Folks, do you think my questions are quite stupid?  
You should be quite insane if you did not think so. 

Perhaps the gomen university will one day win the Nobel Prize for this Piss Kit when they come out with the female version. 

Standing room only brotha.

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