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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Azalina, why panic when money is being returned to Malaysia?

YOURSAY | ‘Only those whose assets are getting seized should panic.’
Odin Tajué: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman Said, I am sure most, if not all, of us did not panic when we came to learn of the revelations in the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) latest filing. I certainly did not panic.
We simply believe the DOJ without checking the veracity of its charges? Azalina, pray tell with which authority in Malaysia can one check?
Even 1MDB itself has consistently maintained that nothing improper has occurred in the company, while the auditor-general’s and the PAC’s reports have been withheld from the public’s eyes. As for the police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the less said the better.
Unlike you who have read law, most of us have not. However, we are sufficiently informed to be aware of such a thing called circumstantial evidence.
And such evidence that has come to public knowledge strongly suggests that the DOJ’s charges have been laid on strong foundation. If we to go to a proper court of law and tender the aforesaid evidence, the judge presiding will surely admit it.
I shall not waste my time and energy by touching on Malaysia’s “Parliament system, the court system and the legal system”. They are in a state that clearly shows those who control them have panicked and are frightfully confused.
CQ Muar: Another "hysterical" minister has come to the rescue of Mr and Mrs MO1 with some loose explanations with regards to DOJ’s recent disclosures in a 251-page civil forfeiture suit related to 1MDB.
According to Azalina, the prime minister is not named in the suit and is therefore free from wrongdoing, so she urges Malaysians not to panic.
As a matter of fact, we panic because the main culprit who benefited most from 1MDB’s billions has not been clearly identified and brought to book. All Malaysians, except those cabinet ministers and their cronies led by Umno-BN, are deeply concerned.
Stig: The DOJ is seizing the ill-gotten assets and will eventually return the money to Malaysia after the disposal of these assets.
Why would Malaysians be panicking if someone wants to return stolen money to us? Only those whose assets are getting seized should panic.
Senior Citizen: Yes, why should we panic when the funds from the seizure of assets will one day be returned to Malaysia? By right, all the ministers should be thankful to DOJ.
From the reactions of federal ministers Salleh Said Keruak, Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Hishammuddin Hussein after the court filing, you can see who is really panicking.
KSD: We are not panicking. We are actually embarrassed to see this latest DOJ action being reported all over the world.
There is a viral post in the social media with links to articles published by foremost news organisations in countries ranging from US to India. Have a look. I am certain you will feel the shame too.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Azalina, you say that all countries have different legal systems, and that “we will do it our way”.
Your way is to cover up potential criminality, is it? The Malaysian response so far to the 1MDB scandal is a disgrace and proves that we are a failed state when it comes to defending the rule of law and ensuring integrity in our public life.
The Malaysian way is still mired in feudalism and an over-reaching need for every institution to protect the incumbent leader, even when there is ample and well-documented evidence of wrongdoing.
Anonymous #44199885: Indeed, we do have our own system, and Malaysians are all too familiar with our system.
So, no, we are not in panic mode, and probably never will be. We have been desensitised by the so-called “Malaysian system”.
What we Malaysians do experience, however, is total disgust and disbelief towards the government in its handling of the 1MDB fiasco.
Gaji Buta: Contrary to what the public may think, I wouldn't be surprised if many in Umno are actually rejoicing with the latest DOJ expose.
With the noose tightening, the sharks and parasites will see it as the perfect opportunity to bargain with MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) to maintain their support and hence secure lucrative deals, funds and secure their political positions within Umno and other institutions.
In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it turns out that it was actually those in his close circle who have been leaking information to Sarawak Report, DOJ and other agencies. Maybe this is the “our way”. Beware of Brutus and Judas.
Always Praying: In an article titled “The unsinkable Najib Razak”, current affairs magazine The Diplomat said that PM Najib Razak has managed to survive a series of scandals that would have otherwise doomed leaders of Western democracies.
He is “unsinkable” because he plays the race and religion card. When religion is involved, competency in government is not so important. The case of Indonesia’s Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) exemplifies that.
RR: This present government regime has gone beyond redemption. It has lost its integrity, character and conduct. Wrongdoers are vehemently defended by their minister peers, the police, the attorney-general, and even the judiciary. 
It is daunting to me as a senior citizen. What sort of lessons are we giving to our children and grandchildren?
It is strange that in Malaysia, where all religions including Islam inculcate positive values, character and conduct among our children, the adults who lead the nation are such incorrigible characters.
As humans, we make mistakes, but when such mistakes are serious and unpardonable, decency dictates we should just step down and fade away and seek God's forgiveness.

Kindly be good examples to the young and future generations. Yet, it is an irony to see incorrigible leaders preaching about good values and character at forums.- Mkini

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