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Thursday, June 15, 2017

By 2020, we’ll attain developed ‘kleptocratic’ state

YOURSAY | 'Only an idiot would still brag today that we could achieve developed nation status by 2020.'
Perak Boleh: If Minister in Prime Minister's Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan is correct (about being on track for Vision 2020), then why waste taxpayers’ money to hold roadshows for Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50)?
After all, by 2020, a beggar could earn an annual income of RM60,000.
Anonymous 2350931441161169: Only an idiot would still brag today that we could achieve "developed nation" status by 2020.
A developed kleptocratic nation, definitely.
Clever Voter: The obsession to get out of the middle-income trap has led to a focus on high-end industries, including the service sectors.
Much investment has gone into so-called advanced technological infrastructure as a key driver to create higher income.
Sadly, the goals are right but we don't have what it takes.
First, a large percentage of our industries are still reliant on cheap labour. Secondly, human development has been a disaster. Despite billions spent, we have destroyed our fundamental skills - language and mathematics.
The majority of school leavers can't count, and graduates cannot analyse.
Thirdly, our public policy is riddled with inconsistency and inefficiency. Corruption takes the better of the resources, a number of the so-called high-end projects are dodgy, especially those owned by state-owned enterprises.
Foreign investment too is politically driven, with the focus now on China investments, which will not share our aspirations.
Add to all that, our income gap is getting wider. Ministers, therefore, have no option but to spin their stories.
Hafidz Baharom: Funny, I don't see the arts sector being divided between comedians, actors, producers, Indians, Chinese and Malays, Muslims and non-Muslim moviemakers and music makers.
I am sure these groups would have had different demands and ideas as well. How is it the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups need to be separated?
Or will there be a TN50 session simply for 'nasyid' groups, a separate one for English singers, Mandarin singers, Tamil singers exclusively to avoid a mix so there will be no "mixed input"?
Sivalingam: TN50 is another bogus pre-general election ploy. They divide and rule by telling each group what they want to hear.
If we are all Malaysians, then we all face the same issues of a highly inefficient government, of high cost of living and so on. Therefore, what's the need to hear each segment of the society separately?
Gaji Buta: What are these TN50 dialogue sessions, really? Did someone come up with a tagline, i.e., 'TN50', but have no clue what it is and is now getting 'organisers' to go around getting people's feedback on what TN50 should be?
What is the expected outcome of these sessions - a TN50 plan with objectives and targets?
When is the TN50 plan scheduled to be rolled out or launched? Otherwise, it sounds like a paid vacation and free food to me, spending taxpayers' money with no tangible deliverables.
Anonymous 40f4: MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) once again makes empty promises to the Indians hoping they will vote for BN in GE14.
Indeed, MIC and BN have been fooling the Indians for four decades.      
Anonymous 5: Now that Pakatan Rakyat/Harapan has been in power since 2008 - that is nine years, in Penang and Selangor, there is no Indian blueprint for these two states.
Pakatan, can you at least list down what you have done about the community's biggest problem - of dislocated Indian youths from the estates to the towns, and those who can't get jobs?
Have you at least got more employees on a ratio of racial percentage in the state government, as we still notice one major race only?
6th Generation Immigrant: Pakatan, it is your chance in a million now. List down what you have (already and in process) done for Penang and Selangor Indians.
Otherwise, you are no different from BN, Umno, MIC and all others.
The Analyser: Who cares about the Indians? I certainly don’t. When you start thinking of yourselves as Malaysians with specific need which are totally unrelated to your race, then I'll start think about your needs.
If there are poor in your community, then let them be treated the same as all Malaysian poor. If there are disabled in your community, then let them be treated too in the same way.
But as long as you think just because you are Indian you deserve special treatment, then all you will ever get is the stiff middle finger... and it’s all your own fault.
Worldly Wise: The Indian community will progress by leaps and bounds if BN is out of the way. So will all other communities. There will be no more financial mismanagement.

Kamikasi: The Indian blueprint will become toilet print once GE14 is over and PM Najib Razak and his cronies will again enjoy the alleged loot.- Mkini

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