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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Is statement defending PM Najib the best Apandi can do?

YOURSAY | ‘The AG should refute DOJ’s claims by showing data and facts.’
Fair Mind: Attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali has hit out at the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for making "insinuations" against PM Najib Abdul Razak in its latest civil forfeiture suit filing on June 15.
Now, it seems that the AG has dropped all pretence. In spite of the overwhelming and clear evidence produced by the DOJ, he is still in denial that there is anything wrong with 1MDB and SRC, and refuses to look again into the cases.
He is no longer trying to look impartial; it looks more like he is abetting in covering up the biggest heist of the century.
On one hand, he said he wasn't informed by the DOJ about their new 1MDB filing, but on the other hand, when he was consulted by the Swiss authorities, he refused to cooperate in giving information.
Never in the history of Malaysia or anywhere else in the world, have we seen an AG behaving so brazenly as the apparent personal bodyguard-cum-lawyer for suspects whose alleged embezzlement is being widely investigated across the globe.
Kim Quek: Indeed, is Apandi the personal bodyguard of Najib? If not, why has he jumped by reflex to defend and insulate the PM from the fall out of this latest DOJ suit?
His first uttering was to declare to the world that PM is not a defendant nor is he alleged to have done anything criminal, and warned DOJ in the same breath not to make such insinuation against the PM.
But what about the 251 pages of details of how US$4.5 billion was allegedly stolen from 1MDB, and how it was laundered and splurged by criminals? Isn’t Apandi concerned about such daunting facts? If so, then why has he not expressed the least anxiety or even curiosity over whether any of these could be true?
May I remind the AG that his primary duty is to uphold the law and protect the interests of the country, and not to safeguard the private interests of any individual. His conduct over 1MDB indicates that he has already betrayed his constitutional oath of allegiance to king and country.
Ronald: What “insinuations” is the AG referring to? Yes, these are facts reported by the DOJ.
The best thing to do, Mr AG, is to contact the DOJ directly and work with them. You are paid by the Malaysian taxpayers to protect our interests.
Anonymous 2350931441161169: Our AG seems to have confirmed that the PM is involved in the dealings highlighted in the DOJ filings.
There was no mention at all of the PM’s name in the DOJ document, but the AG was quick to conclude that they involved the PM. The AG must have more in-depth information to be able to conclude that.
Leon Moch: These are newly-filed claims. Has the AG conducted a thorough investigation regarding these claims to be able to dismiss them in this manner?
His statements were made only a few hours after the claims were filed. Was the AG able to carry out thorough investigations within those few hours to arrive at such a definite conclusion?
Vijay47: It is a sad coincidence that the head of DOJ is also called "attorney general", a status that despite your palpable vexation, you might reluctantly admire, Apandi, though the reverse is hardly likely.
The entire thrust of your passionate defence of 1MDB's principal officer is that you personally and similar beings had investigated the scandal and found nothing amiss. Under other circumstances, this may be cause for laughter but not when a nation's wealth or even its security is at stake.
What depth of enquiry can you claim to have executed when almost the entire senior levels of the relevant agencies were summarily transferred? You allege that DOJ's actions are founded on "insinuations"; why are you so protective of the individual when your greater and only concern should be the national body, 1MDB?
What hope of success can DOJ have in the US courts if based on mere insinuations? But of course, were it in Malaysia, success would seem almost guaranteed.
Guna Otak: Najib must have been very disappointed in the AG. Since the AG believes that there has been no wrongdoing by 1MDB, he is issuing a statement the best he can do to defend the prime minister, who is now allegedly known as a kleptocrat?
The AG should be mounting a very strong defence. Prove to the world that 1MDB is well-managed. Show data and documents which are verified by agencies and banks to show that 1MDB has fully-audited accounts that are earning millions if not billions in profit. Show the world where the money that 1MDB borrowed is currently located.
Don't just whimper and issue a statement without any facts, documents, or data to back up your claims. You are a lawyer, so behave like one.
Since there has been no wrongdoing by 1MDB, it must be very easy to gather data and facts to refute the claims of the DOJ. Then mount a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the DOJ.
The people of Malaysia will definitely stand behind you. You will be a hero.
Susah Kes: The horse has bolted out of the barn, but what is the AG interested in? Mainly to try and argue in favour of Malaysian Official 1’s (MO1) innocence.
Forget about MO1's culpability for a moment. Just observe that Apandi did not lament the findings of the DOJ, that large sums of money were spent on living the luxurious life, by individuals associated with MO1. Instead, he was more interested in providing a cover story to shield his boss.
It's all too easy for Apandi to issue statements attempting to exonerate MO1, from the comfort of his office. It's an entirely different matter to go to the office of the DOJ, collaborate with them, and if necessary, provide counter-arguments by offering substantive facts.
Omg: Dear Apandi, the reason the DOJ did not, and will never give you prior notice of any impending actions by them, is because they have zero confidence in your integrity or ability to act impartially with regards to MO1.
You should take a long, hard look at the mirror and see what a tight slap the DOJ has just given you!
Not Confused: “No evidence that funds were misappropriated from 1MDB”? Really? What planet does the AG live on? It's certainly not Earth.
I suppose there was never any "donation" into the PM’s personal bank account either? That millions were never used by tycoon Jho Low to buy luxury properties in London and the US?
Please, for once, be honest and tell the nation the truth. Every word that the AG utters is in support of his allegedly corrupt colleagues in the government, and not about anything that remotely criticises what's going on within the country.
Odin Tajué: Apandi, Tom Wright of The Wall Street Journal is writing a book about Malaysia's sovereign debts fund. He has promised lots of revelations. The book should hit the bookshops later this year or, at the latest, early next year.
Doubtless, you are one of the major characters written about. And, doubtless, you will be very proud to see your name in print and read about your extraordinary capabilities.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Yes Apandi, it is very unfair for the DOJ to make those insinuations against our beloved prime minister.
The Malaysian government must voice its protest in the strongest terms. Haul up the US ambassador and register our anger. If need be, declare him persona non grata just like how we treated the North Korean ambassador.
Najib must also immediately contact his pal, US President Donald Trump, to sack the acting assistant attorney-general of the DOJ. How dare the DOJ make those allegations when no money is missing from 1MDB?
Apandi, you should call up the US attorney-general and tell them to stop their civil forfeiture attempts. Making noise in Malaysia alone is not good enough. Tell them you mean business.

Knock Knock: Finally, the DOJ has managed to wake up Rip Van Winkle from his 100-year slumber. My goodness, he really is angry thinking that the world should only believe his words, Utusan Malaysia and TV3. - Mkini

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