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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Truth crushed to earth shall rise again

YOURSAY | ‘The truth always has a way of surfacing in spite of gargantuan efforts to cover it up.’
Aries46: Why is Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak overly eager to condemn Sarawak Report when neither PM Najib Razak nor lawyer cum prosecutor Muhammad Shafee Abdullah dispute its latest expose of RM9.5 million changing hands between them during opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s trial?
And what is the basis to his claim that Sarawak Report cannot be trusted? So far none of the Sarawak Report reports, mostly to do with Najib and his 1MBD related scandals, have been conclusively refuted by either party nor have they taken Sarawak Report to task legally.
Even highly controversial and contentious exposes of a defamatory nature like those that received ‘dedak’ (animal feed) from Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) are yet to be disproved. Mere denials only exacerbate the allegations.
Salleh denouncing Sarawak Report comes across rather lame since he is unable to substantiate his allegation with specific instances of false reporting that was successfully defended by the aggrieved parties.
If all that he can muster in support are the discredited establishment sponsored Laurel and Hardy duo that kept us all amused for a while, Salleh is in fact giving credence to the Sarawak Report exposes that he claims to be untrue.
SusahKes: Here we go again, "Sarawak Report can't be trusted." And on what basis is Salleh asking us follow his advice? Nothing factual, really. Merely some unfounded conjecturing on his part.
Of course, as usual, he ignores the elephant in the room - the US Department of Justice (DOJ) action. Or does he also wish to add that the DOJ also could not be trusted?
Funny thing is, all that Sarawak Report has revealed thus far has proven to be truer than anything that has ever come out of the MO1's sycophant propaganda war room. So, I suppose to Salleh, DOJ's action in confiscating assets pertaining to 1MDB, is, "acah je".
Tan Kim Keong: Salleh, what's stopping you from contacting DOJ to verify the information that Sarawak Report has published?
Most likely, you already know that the information is validated hence you are trying very hard to divert attention away from the facts that are already available. Feckless!
Headhunter: If Salleh is reading Malaysiakini and I'm sure he does, he can see from the response from readers whom they place their trust.
Clever Voter: Details over the 1MDB would not have been known had the online media practiced self-censorship as in the case of almost all local newspapers.
If the minister has a point to prove to the public over the credibility of Sarawak Report, do what the late Lee Kuan Yew did to the Far Eastern Economic Review and others.
Sadly, bullying and intimidating approaches do not work. Public may be silent but they do read and understand what took place, and they can tell right from wrong.
Politician: Salleh said whatever reported by Sarawak Report was untrue and this was confirmed by one of the website's former editor.
Salleh was referring to former Sarawak Tribune editor Lester Melanyi, who claims to have worked with Sarawak Report, which was denied by Sarawak Report.
Now folks, who do we believe?
Senior Citizen: Salleh, it is so easy to prove whether Sarawak Report can be trusted or not. Just ask Najib to reveal the original copies of the bank statements for that particular month and year of that particular Ambank accounts, and we shall easily come to a conclusion.
Cmfoo: If Salleh bothers to pull his head out of the sand, he will see the vast amounts of reports that Umno and its sycophants claimed to be lies are in fact nothing but the bare truth.
Salleh thinks that if he keeps denying the facts, it will eventually go away. He is sorely mistaken. Truth always has a way of surfacing in spite of gargantuan efforts to cover it up.
Not Convinced: Indeed, Salleh, truth crushed to earth shall rise again. We shall see who’s right on this one.
CQ Muar: Salleh, tell us in simple term: why would the two whistleblower websites single out Malaysia for no apparent reason to want to smear our country's leader... of all countries?
Next, tell us in bold terms that MO1 isn't the one who allegedly stole the billions from 1MDB before you attempt to discourage us from believing them. Where did the billions ended up, and from what source did the billions hail from?
Such scathing allegations are highly defamatory to our leader and country. As such, why and what are we waiting for? Sue them.
And now, out of the blue, you're telling us not to believe them? You've got to do better than that, Salleh.
Guna Otak: Salleh, why don't you do some work for a change? Try to convince us why Sarawak Report cannot be trusted. Use all the government apparatus at your disposal and try to come up with some logical arguments.
Better still, counter each and every statement from Sarawak Report with facts and figures. Otherwise, how do you expect us Malaysians to believe what you say? Do you even know what is the impression of Malaysians about you?
Vijay47: That was sheer brilliance from you, Salleh, that as far as Umno and friends are concerned, Sarawak Report is not to be trusted. Fair enough.
Did you think this out on your own? I suppose you mean that all of us should place our bets with Utusan Malaysia, that font of truthfulness.
Just one point keeps bugging me. Your ace witness for the prosecution seems to be one Lester Melanyi that you keep crowing is a former editor of Sarawak Report, now reformed into a pillar of reliable evidence as to the dirty work being indulged in by Sarawak Report. Fair enough also.
But since Lester had been once hunting with the hounds tally-ho and all that, why aren't you charging him?

After all, he is already trapped in your trap and that inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar does not have to trudge to Bangkok to find convenient persons to charge.
Or swim to London.- Mkini

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