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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kijangmas: FGV is just the appetizer (for Najib’s kleptocratic regime)

FGV is just the appetizer.
SPAD is the gravy train. . . and what a fitting metaphor as SPAD has planning, regulatory and enforcement powers over the upcoming money-spinning RM55 billion ECRL, RM30 billion MRT2, RM10 billion LRT3, RM60 billion KL-SG HSR and the planned fully underground MRT3 (Circle Line) that will cost upwards of RM50 billion.
And we haven’t touched city stage buses, interstate express buses, taxis of all genres, airport limos, tour coaches, freight trucks, timber lorries, sand/bauxite lori hantoos, construction behemoths on wheels . . .  essentially any commercial transport that rolls overland in Peninsular Malaysia.
SPAD has wide powers to award, revoke and suspend operating licenses of anything that rolls on Peninsular roads and rails. THAT is real Power. And with Power comes influence, serious economic clout impinging on the livelihood and welfare of millions. And when this Power gets in the stubby paws of a proven corrupt crook (certified by UMNO no less) holding the Kepit to ransom, it is a recipe for yet another national tragedy.
Is this MO1’s perverse sense of reward to a groveling nincompoop who virtually destroyed Felda? Is he stooping this low to hush the bogeyman who may blurt out some dark ancient secret? And every Malaysian has to pay this hush money? Talk about psychotic self-centeredness!
This Doraemon villain reduced the once crown jewel of Malaysia’s poverty eradication success and global plantation behemoth with cash reserves of RM5 billion to a demoralized outfit bled dry and distracted by super-expensive cartoonish ventures. . . ravaging the conglomerate into an unrecognizable monstrosity with a paltry RM200 million in the bank. . .  turning the world’s second largest 2012 IPO offering into an unmitigated financial basket case. . .  stripped RM13.4 billion of its market capitalization and unable to even regularly pay its stakeholders/settlers for their crop harvests and now reduced to a pathetic net debtor Sick Man of Bursa Malaysia with shares free falling towards penny stock status. All these losses are mind boggling considering FGV took control of 828,000 acres of Felda’s best plantations (that’s almost five times the size of Singapore) with juicy fruits ripe for the picking and eager buyers waiting at port in what has been a long sellers’ market for edible oils.
Imagine . . .  all those damage in barely a half decade of Doraemon.
And thank you MO1 for installing this same mercurial Doraemon . . . the Pocket Wreckingman of national wealth . . .  in your singular crusade to destroy my beloved Malaysia, a nation formed in no small part by my ancestors.
Doraemon will wreak havoc on another strategic sector. . .  this time overland commercial transport . . . a sector close to many folks here and a million others as they trudge onto trains and buses and taxicabs to earn an honest barely living wage amid KL’s maddening rat race to nowhere.
I’m mad and sad. . . because I actually take pride in Klang Valley’s burgeoning commuter rail network. Doraemon will destroy it as Doraemon has only one motive in his wretched life. . .  money, lots of money, mountains of money submerged in an ocean of money rolling waves of money to be splurged on trinkets and doodads and gaudy accoutrements of a kampong dwarf with his stubby paws in the piggy bank.
Thanks a 2.6 billion MO1. Your quest to obliterate my Motherland is almost complete.
All I can say . . . again . . . is . . . KENAPAMU MALAYSIA.


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