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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Low Income Nation : 500 Clinics Tutup Kedai

Here is some news from The Star :

500 clinics run by (GPs) closed between 2014 and 2016 due to poor business

Medical Association (MMA) worried situation worsen

1,800 GPs widespread concern over financial sustainability

expenses for GP services increased due to changes in po­­licies 
and involvement of  unregulated third party administrators (TPAs)

70% of clinics saw < 30 patients a day
operating cost of clinic from RM50k to RM60k a month

drop in patients and increasing cost
natural death of GP practice

TPAs to blame as they removed patients from GPs
TPAs take away patients and pass them to other cli­nics
TPAs place restrictions on consultation fees, types of medication 
charge GPs a fee for every patient they see

overproduction of doctors and contract system in public service

Govt only take 50% of doctors after 4-year contract
rest likely to become GPs saturating sector even further

solution is cut down medical students 
5,000 medical students each year

other alternative is build more hospitals 
medical colleges should have own hospitals

clinics seeing below 30 patients a day unsustainable

A clinic needs at least 30 patients 
operating costs skyrocketed 
various licences needed for practice
medicine costs in­­crease every six months
GST  and rise in wages for nurses and assistants

poor economy for­cing public to visit govt clinics
Many doctors join emergency rooms, locum or join pharmaceutical companies

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/06/22/clinics-closed-due-to-poor-business-gps-seeing-fewer-patients-amid-rising-operating-costs/#sEtztFhUxJmuvVQ7.99

My comments :  

Abolish the GST ! 
I have been saying this for THREE years now. 
The domestic economy is grinding to a halt. 

500 private clinics have shut down. At least 500 doctors are out of work as doctors. Maybe some are Uber drivers as well. At least 1000 other clinic assistants must be out of work too. These would be Malaysians since Banglas and Indons do not work in clinics - yet.

The ketuanan folks do not understand economics, business or finance. 

It is the Malays who are suffering the most. BR1M is not enough to make the Malays and bumiputras a high income community.

People who live off BR1M are poor people.   

Now the 1000 or more clinic assistants will also join the BR1M. 


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