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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Caliph Erdogan's Delusions Of Grandeur

Turkey's Failed Grand Design for the Middle East 


crisis between Qatar and Gulf last nail in coffin of Turkey's "grand design." 
Turkey trapped by ideological shallowness into betting on a losing horse.

Turks saw Arab Spring as opportunity to realize neo-Ottoman ambitions
Tunisia : Islamist brothers in arms Ennahdha Party come to power 
Rachid Ghannouchi admiration for Erdoğan's "stealth" Islamization 

Erdoğan failed to predict turn of political events in Egypt
investing all his political resources in Muslim Brotherhood
In Iraq he calculated could end Shiite rule 
In Gaza, Hamas is Erdoğan's ideological next of kin.
Qatar is Erdoğan's main ideological partner in region.

Bashar al-Assad Erdoğan's worst regional nemesis
Erdoğan expected pro-Sunni belt totally subservient to caliph Erdoğan

Erdoğan's grand design 
Qatar main ideological partner
  • story not progressing according to script
  • Hezbollah decided Erdoğan simply "too Sunni" for their tastes
  • Tunisia's Ennahdha signed compromise with secular bloc 
  • Brotherhood in Egypt lost power, legitimacy 
  • Baghdad still Shiite and controlled by Tehran
  • In Syria, Assad remains in power, backed by Iran and Russia
  • emerging Kurdish belt in northern Syria a Turkish nightmare
  • Hamas getting squeezed day by day
  • Qatar in trouble, along with Erdoğan himself.
Gulf and Muslim world now strangling Qatar 
Trump declared Qatar "high-level sponsor of terrorism"

Erdoğan signed two treaties with Qatar 
to send troops to joint Turkish-Qatari military base in Qatar
Turkey to send food stocks to Qatar 
Erdoğan's Turkey stands on the wrong corner at the wrong moment. 
Turkey may be next in line for international sanctions 
he believes West too weak to sanction Turkey 

wrong on both counts
less Turkey-friendly Qatar may emerge. 
two staunch allies, Brotherhood and Hamas pruned by Arab world

My comments :  Muslims being not relevant again, even to their own fellow Muslims. To all my Muslim readers, remember this. You may think that you are "going to heaven". Well I am sorry to burst your fat egos.  I am not apologising. I just feel sorry.

I wish I can share the simple truth with you. You see I have some inside information  (because I try to read and understand a small guidebook called the Quran). But the simple truth is not so easily accepted.

In the 21st century, just like in the 20th century, 19th century, 15th century, 11th century etc, we see Muslim societies  (their leaders, sultans, kings, presidents, caliphs, government, military, religious leaders, their parents, mothers, fathers, children, son, daughters etc) exhorting each other to hate and destroy other Muslims and other human beings - all based on their religion.  They do not realise that they are under the influence of the satan. These were or  are satanic societies. 

Hence they have become not relevant even to themselves. Today even the underwear they wear is made for them by the non Muslims. They cannot provide each other basic amenities.

And the Muslims have certainly become not relevant to the rest of the world. 

The oil in the ground was not manufactured by the Arabs. 
It was there already. And they need the non Muslims to dig the oil out.
More importantly they need the non Muslims to find some use for the oil. 
The Arabs are not relevant at all in this equation.

So all these Sunni-axis, Shiah axis or whatever are just delusional nonsense by a nonsensical community. 

Can you imagine a whole community whose only sense of any achievement is "I am going to heaven" ! !  Who told you so ? 

Delusional ramblings.  

                                                   Correction : Aakhiru shaytan 'ala wajhil ardhi !!

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