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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Man slashes grandma to death after finding no food at home

A man slashed to death his grandmother as well as injured his wife and father-in-law in Kampung Pagar, Pos Lejang Lipis ,near here, yesterday.
Lipis district police chief Supt Azry Akmar Ayob said the incident happened when the suspect, aged 32, went to his grandmother's house to eat, but was told there was no food.
"Instead, she (grandmother) told him that she wanted to take him for treatment as he was aggressive, (but) the suspect went into the house and took a machete which he then swung across the grandmother's neck and back," he told reporters in Kuantan today.
Azry said the suspect, who is self-employed, then ran to his house, about 600 metres away, and slashed his father-in-law, who then fought back and was able to apprehend the suspect with the help of a villager.
Prior to that, he said the suspect had injured his wife, aged 21, with embers from the stove when she went to check on him, who was at his sister's house, after being informed that her husband was unconscious.
"Before going to the grandmother's house, the suspect went to his sister's house at about 8 am yesterday to eat, but he fainted there and the wife went to check on his condition, but the wife ran off after her husband poked her face with embers from the stove.

"After that, the suspect went to his grandmother's house, about 100 metres away," he added.
Azry said police only arrived at the scene about 3.50 pm to detain the suspect as the village could only be reached using a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
He said the grandmother's body was sent to Lipis Hospital for post mortem, while the suspect's wife and father-in-law were sent to the same hospital for treatment.

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