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Monday, June 19, 2017

Minister, why should identity of complainants to DOJ even matter?

YOURSAY | 'It could be a 90-year-old pakcik, or 80-year-old ah pek... but will it change the facts?'
Anonymous 1890491455255851: Good grief. BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan is more concerned about who triggered the investigation?
Does he think that what we don't know is best for us and for the country? That if money has been misappropriated, that it is best it be kept quiet for the sake of the someone's agenda?
In any case, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is obviously looking to clamp down on money laundering in their country. These Umno guys should really have a conscience. If there was nothing there, the investigation would have come up empty.
But not only is there something there, it's huge.
Senior Citizen: Mr Minister, why the concern about the complainants?
Just ask the PM and 1MDB to reveal all the bank statements to prove that the PM did not receive US$681 million from Tanore Finance as alleged and that all the billions are safe in 1MDB’s bank accounts.
Is that something so difficult to do for the rakyat?
Odin Taju√©: Abdul Rahman, you are obviously trying to portray Najib as a man free of any blemishes attributable to him and which can be inferred from (among other reports) the DOJ’s court filings.
One can right away frustrate your futile attempt with considerable ease by pointing out to you that he has been seen to be living well beyond his means, that he has claimed to be able to finance his extravagant lifestyle with proceeds from his ‘legacy family inheritance’ (remember the celebrated phrase?) but that his own siblings have publicly denied the truthfulness of that claim.
Oscar Kilo: "1MDB is not a party to the DOJ civil lawsuit. In fact, the assets that the DOJ alleges were wrongfully procured and seeks to seize, were in fact purchased by entities that are not legally owned nor controlled by 1MDB," said Abdul Rahman.
Of course, the assets were not purchased by entities owned by 1MDB because the funds had been previously embezzled from 1MDB and were thus being laundered to cover up the fact that the funds originated from 1MDB.
Anyway, the DOJ filing specifically refers to 1MDB Officials 1, 2, 3 and 4, meaning that 1MDB was allegedly directly involved in the embezzlement.
Anonymous #28648954: Tell you what, we'll tell you who the complainants are and you tell us once and for all whether their allegations are true. Fair or not, Mr Minister?
After all, it was you yourself who confirmed who MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) is!
Vijay47: To use the latest popular word, you must be ruing the day you confirmed to the world that MO1 is indeed a person named Najib Abdul Razak.
You now desperately claw at anything to make amends for your faux pas that put Najib on the burner. As usual, you are less interested in the criminal than the informer.
Here also, you trip over your feet - where is the prime minister or the government mentioned in the latest DOJ suit? Perhaps you are "insinuating" that Jho Low is the PM.
Or you are suggesting that a prime minister is given carte blanche to treat the Treasury as family property?
Anonymous 759201436321741: Rahman, I can't really blame you. All of you are in a ship in the midst of a very violent storm. If the ship sinks, the game is over.
Katusha: As the judges in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial had declared - the motive is not important, so likewise, whoever filed the complaints (if ever there were any) and their motive is also not important and Malaysians need not know.
It is Umno that needs to know and try blame the opposition for their imagined conspiracy.
Roar for Truth: Does it matter who were the complainants? It can be a 90-year-old pakcik or a 80- year-old ah pek... Will it change the facts stated in the DOJ report?
What Malaysians like me want to know is why are cabinet ministers failing in their moral duty to protect this nation from the allegedly traitorous acts that have shamed this nation.
Aanair: Dear Minister, here are some questions for you and we appreciate your response:
1. If no crime was committed, why was the Auditor-General's Report on 1MDB classified under Official Secrets Act (OSA)? The mere action to classify it tells the ordinary people that there is something to hide.
2. Singapore have wrapped up investigations and a few wrongdoers were hauled up and all point that the money came from the 1MDB funds. Why do we keep denying that something is wrong?
Anonymous #40538199: The first thing this minister need to do is to find out whether the pink diamond really exists and the extent of the involvement of the Mrs MO1.
So far, nobody from Malaysia specifically denied the existence of the jewellery and the involvement of the Mrs MO1 with the jewellery. It is becoming a public relations disaster.
Why not start from the very beginning by declassifying the Auditor-General Report on 1MDB? That might help stop the opposition's smear campaign.
Budak SRJK (C): The DOJ had stated at the beginning of their court filing that the US government had taken their own initiative to act against money-launderers because the US financial system had been abused by corrupt foreign officials to launder misappropriated funds.
They also said their intention is to send a clear message to corrupt foreign officials that crime does not pay, especially when the US financial system is abused.
The US government does not need any complainant to file any complaint. Anyway, it is clear that there are Malaysian whistleblowers who are supplying information to the US authorities. These whistleblowers are the yet unsung heroes, who shall be justly rewarded when the time is right.
So, all you despicable sycophants, try to catch them if you can, before time runs out for you!
Anonymous 2460391489930458: So much for protecting whistleblowers. You are suggesting they be fried instead.
Anonymous 2426891469177452: The American peoples are gallantly trying to do justice on behalf of ordinary Malaysians.

I might not agree on many things which the Americans do but with regards to this matter, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.- Mkini

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