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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Part 1 : Shocking Exposes About Ops Gopi Goes All The Way To The Top Of Bukit Aman

This is from The Thingy.  
The country has gone to the dogs. 
Not just any dogs. 
The pariah dogs. 
They are now in control.

The corruption, thievery and the cover ups are all across the kleptocratic gomen. Read this first :

Mid-May officers from (MACC) round up police ‘protection’ racket 
against illegal gambling dens and ‘massage parlours’

Senior police officers amongst those picked up 

‘intermediaries’ controlling operation on behalf of Bukit Aman

investigation under Operation Gopi 

large sums of cash discovered 
including staggering RM800,000 in police quarters 

officers pressured by police HQ (Bukit Aman) to collect cash 

'Gopi' arrested and taken to court 

key intermediary Gopinathan Krishnani
Hence Operation (Ops) Gopi.

Gopi admitted everything to his interrogators

Bukit Aman use him as intermediary to collect payments from Malacca.

protection racket multi-million ringgit collection scam across M'sia 

run from very top of police force 

Gopi's phone book very senior officers whom he regularly rang

protection racket admitted by arrested officers, intermediaries, illegal operators 

phone billing information dated in April 2017 

able to identify senior figures linked to Bukit Aman

brother in law of (IGP) Mohd Isa bin Hussin 

Gopi rang IGP’s brother in law 7 times in April

10th April Gopi rang Isa’ mobile 0196610914 

3 times between before 6pm, 6:30pm from his mobile 012)6193971

Gopi and Isa knew each other well and understood purpose of call. 

communications continued in April. 

Gopi rang Isa again following morning, chatted over a minute


2 days later on 13th April, chatted 3 mins 
lastly 20th April lengthy natter lasting 7 mins

full-time police protection racketeer talking to brother in law of IGP

Do read Part 2 as well.

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