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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Part 2 : Shocking Exposes About Ops Gopi Goes All The Way To The Top Of Bukit Aman

I dont know about you folks but I think the expose about Ops Gopi by The Thingy over the past few days is more explosive than the 1MDB scandal.  You should read it in detail.  I am sure many people are shitting bricks by now. They are safe for now. Nothing will happen to them. But I think their whole future is gone. Here is The Thingy, truncated.

Documents indicate Gopinathan Krishnan, key ‘intermediary’ in police protection racket 

across gambling dens and protitution houses in Malacca
in direct phone contact with IGP Khalid Abu Baker.

round-up of 12, police officers, Ops Gopi by MACC

Gopinathan’s pivotal role on behalf of big-wigs at Bukit Aman

several calls by Gopi in April to IGP's brother in law, Mohd Isa bin Hussin.

IGP’s business links with Isa bin Hussin

sells guns (Khalid’s daugher majority share in Nilai Arms, run by Isa bin Hussin).

another number dialled by Gopi, 60196000182 is personal number of IGP 

‘Gopi’ phoned him 8:23 am morning on Feb 4th, chatted for 3 mins

Why did Gopi phone Khalid at half past eight in the morning on February

Why did Gopi phone Khalid at 8:20 am morning on February 4th?


Gopi fully confessed role in gathering cash off Malacca police officers

collecting from illegal operations in the state
Millions raised, network extend far beyond Malacca 

Gopi connected to senior officers at Bukit Aman

not just Khalid and brother but Khalid’s son as well
26 yr Khairul Amri B Khalid more in touch with Gopi than dad, uncle together

Gopi made two quick calls to Khairul’s mobile 0122222057 on 25th and 26th Jan:


regular and consistent contact between IGP, his close family and Gopi
now accused of centre of police protection racket

My comments :  My comments are very few. Tan Sri IGP, the question that you must be wondering about is of course "How much more information has been leaked to The Thingy?"

This news is now stale. The whole world has seen it. I received it via email and WhatsApp a few days ago. I was busy to comment earlier. 

Some big time muscle people must be leaking this information. 

Quite obviously The Thingy has copies of ALL the papers. They are doing a strip tease now - a little at a time.

What should you do?
Should you deny? 
Maintain elegant silence? 
Elegant silence does not even work for the PMO. 
You are not the PMO.

Look how they are sacrificing Isa Samad when the pressure over Felda became unbearable.

Look how they dumped Lim Kang Hoo in Johor when the pressure over Bandar Malaysia became unbearable.

You think they give two hoots about Khalid Abu Bakar?   

Its too late.   

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