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Monday, June 26, 2017

Pirates raid Thai tanker off Kuantan waters

A Thai-registered fuel tanker was raided by pirates off the waters of Kuantan, on June 23.
Thai Royal Navy Rear Admiral Pornchai Pinthong was quoted telling Bernama that the vessel, called CP14, had some 1.5 million litres of its diesel cargo syphoned off by the pirates, and the vessel managed to reach safely in Songkhla waters, yesterday evening.

"The tanker was headed to Songkhla from Singapore when the armed pirates, numbering about seven, boarded the tanker, tied up the captain and the crew members, and disabled the vessel's emergency warning system.
"The pirates threatened to harm the crew members if they failed to abide by their orders," he told reporters in Songkhla today, adding that none of the 17 crew on board the ship was harmed.
Pornchai said they have informed their Malaysian counterpart regarding the incident and the Thai Navy has issued a warning for vessels plying the route to be wary of threats from pirates.- Mkini

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