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Monday, June 5, 2017

Ramadan takeaway from the parking lot row

YOURSAY | ‘It is totally unacceptable behaviour by Siti Khadijah Awang.’
Vijay47: This is an incident that happens dozens of times every day in Malaysia - a dispute over a parking space. In that sense, it is a minor thingy.
The husband remained calm and even apologised for his wife's rather unlady-like behaviour. But when poor Muhammad Jefry Sudin gets home, he is sure to ‘kena’ (get it) from his harridan wife for saying sorry.
So, let us let the matter rest, before anyone blames Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. By the way, doesn't the wife look like someone we all know?
Azhar Subang: It is totally unacceptable behaviour by Siti Khadijah Awang. I feel sorry for the husband who has the decency to at least apologise after the fact.
Siti Khadijah's behaviour is all the more appalling given the holy month where one is to demonstrate restraint in speech and actions. Vulgar gestures, throwing a slipper and that too with a young person with you.
Why this reaction? Would she have reacted in the same manner if the other party was from the same group as hers? Is there a mindset that the numbers are behind me, the power is behind me and therefore I have the might and right to intimidate you?
These are worrying thoughts and all of us need to be protected and reassured that this is not condoned by the majority of Malaysians.
Where is the root of all these misbehaviours and intolerance? It is a scourge that needs to be wiped out at the source. I pray that what happened is not what it is made out be, and that this is an individual and personal juvenile behaviour.
Anonymous_3fe4: The husband may have apologised, but has it occur to him that when he claimed the other car “overshot”, it was because the driver wanted to reverse in and already signalled, but he had inconsiderately turned his car into the contended parking lot.
It is the fasting month and whether you are telling the truth or not, only you, your wife and the Almightly know...
Anonymous 459: It’s a disgrace to behave as such in front of her kid. It sends a wrong signal of the race and religion she belongs especially during this holy month of Ramadan.
The PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) should investigate and ensure that firm action is taken as such incidences - shoe throwing, using abusive language, expletives, slapping the minority race - is getting to be a fad.
Prudent: The other driver Ann Lim should just make a police report for intimidation and let the police sort it out.
The fact is that there have been more and more incidences of members of the 'dominant' race showing their colours to the non-Muslims. And these are only the reported cases.
But I like to believe that this is only the bad policy of the present kleptocratic ‘ketuanan Melayu’ regime. Once they are kicked out, this ketuanan-mania will likely subside.
It will be like the Germans who went along with the Nazis. After their defeat in World War Two, they were 'shocked' at what they had done.
Vent: This has nothing to do with race. Ugly Malaysians abound on the roads and in parking bays. Sadly she is no pretty sight, with or sans tudung.
And just perhaps, a hungry woman in Ramadan might be angrier woman?
Rocky: I agree this incident has nothing to do with race, I doubt that Siti Khadijah would behave in such manner if there were three guys (whatever race) inside the van.
Whatever happened prior to her outrage, she should not have behaved in such a primitive manner, especially in front of her children.
Nes: How sad we Malaysians look at everything through racial lens. This is nothing to do with race. The lady went overboard with her behaviour but we do see Chinese and Indians just as guilty.
OMG Okeylah: It’s good that the husband has chosen to apologise on behalf of his wife, but as a man, I hope he could get his wife to apologise too.
He should also offer to pay for the repairs of the damages done to Lim's car.
Peacemaker: We should ‘kesian’ (pity) Jefry for having a slipper-throwing wife but imagine the lesson that her child learned from the incident - that it’s okay to fling your slippers at others.
The fasting month of Ramadan apparently did not have any restraining effect on the wife.
RKR: Perkasa will lodge a police report on the people in the car for being rude to the attackers. PDRM will investigate the people in the car for sedition and attempting to cause public disharmony.
In the end, the people in the car will have to apologise to the woman who threw her shoes at them for causing her distressed.
My Opinion: If not caught on video, this husband and wife team will continue to bully others. We as Malaysian should encourage one another by "Doing unto others as you want others to do unto you".
Such isolated and 'spur of the moment' behaviour is not restricted to any segment of the population. We have seen enough 'varieties' in Facebook postings over the past few months.

Kawak: Malaysian drivers as a whole are most times selfish and inconsiderate.
Motorcyclists are the kings of the road. They ignore traffic lights and may run you down even if you use the pedestrian zebra crossings.- Mkini


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