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Friday, June 23, 2017


Mahathir’s children and grandchildren live like Saudi Arabia’s royal family. Just look at the pictures below to get an idea of the holidays they take, the clothes and shoes they wear, the watches and jewellery they own, the handbags costing hundreds of thousands of Ringgit that they carry, and so on.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman is THE VOICE of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) a.k.a. Pribumi.
Syed Saddiq, PPBM’s and Mahathir’s voice: a boy doing a man’s job
By the way, it is no coincidence that Mahathir is also behind Perkasa or Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa. Both are about upholding Malay rights and privileges, Article 153 and the NEP included. And the reason for PPBM sharing the same identity as Perkasa (and the same ‘Pribumi’ name) is because they want to position PPBM as the alternative to Umno so that they can pancing (fish) for votes from Umno supporters.
PPBM and Perkasa: both about perpetuating Malay rights and privileges
Basically, PPBM wants to fish in the same pond as Umno. So they have to become a carbon copy of Umno — which is the reason for the Pribumi in the names of both PPBM and Perkasa. Surprisingly, though, the Chinese hate Perkasa like there is no tomorrow while, on the other hand, they love PPBM. This just shows that the Chinese are not as smart as they pretend to be, at least not the DAP Chinese.
Of course, the DAP Chinese like Superman Hew Kuan Yau will insist that they are not that stupid and are just using the Malays to screw the Malays. I suppose Superman Hew also believes that Pakatan Harapan is going to win 125 parliament seats in the next general election and Anwar Ibrahim will be brought from the Sungai Buloh Prison around midnight of Polling Day to get sworn in before His Majesty the Agong as the Seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Anyway, Syed Saddiq a.k.a. The Voice should debate the points raised in the two articles below. After all, he is Malaysia’s ‘champion debater’. And we are talking about a proper debate, not name-calling and alleging all those who disagree with you as makan dedak, turncoats, bought off by Umno, and so on — which seems to be Syed Saddiq’s new style of debating à la the DAP Red Bean Army.
Investigate assets owned by Dr M’s children, PPBM’s Armada tells MACC (READ HERE)
‘If You Oppose Me, You Are Working For UMNO And Taking Bribes From Them’ (READ HERE)
The second article actually raises some very interesting points, which said:
Gag orders are now a common practice in opposition political parties in Malaysia. Now, the ‘gag order’ syndrome has infected the newest party in the recently formed Pakatan Harapan coalition – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).
The wrongdoings during Dr Mahathir’s administration was recently questioned by PPBM Youth Exco (Armada) Muhammad Hafiz Azhar, who also demanded an explanation about the extraordinary wealth of Dr Mahathir’s children as well as the accusation of the party president’s scandalous affair with someone’s wife.
Unfortunately for Hafiz, his voice which represented the collective grievances of the Armada grassroots was met with a wall of silence and in turn, he was slandered, criticised and his family was also targeted, said Armand.
The wealth of one of Mahathir’s children, Mokhzani who owns a collection of automobiles valued in tens of millions of ringgit, which include a Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda and Porche Carrera GT, has raised questions among the younger generation about the relation between the source of Mahathir’s wealth with his position as Prime Minister back in the days.
“Mirzan was also accused of losing so badly in a gambling session that he had to be bailed out. But he is now obviously still very rich. Mukhriz also received a tender to supply fibre optics for Telekom Malaysia, when his father was still Prime Minister.
“So the extraordinary wealth of his children needs to be explained by Mahathir. The common folk today still toil day and night tirelessly, but their savings in the bank will never even reached RM1 million,” he added.
Meanwhile, the allegations of questionable moral conduct against PPBM’s president that Hafiz had openly questioned was left unanswered after Muhyiddin’s name was mentioned in the hearing to divide assets during the divorce proceeding between former Deputy Prosecutor Stanley Clement Augustin and his wife, Nika Gee. (YOU CAN READ MORE HERE)
Muhyiddin and his mistress, Nika Gee
These are very serious allegations and come from PPBM’s own members and leaders. So Syed Saddiq should come out and debate these two very crucial issues: Mahathir’s wealth, plus that of his family, and Muhyiddin’s affair with a married woman.
Now, these are not mere allegations. Both issues are actually well-documented. More than one book has been written regarding Mahathir’s corrupt deeds while Nika Gee’s husband filed a Statutory Declaration regarding her affair with Muhyiddin. And both have never been rebutted thus far.
Since Syed Saddiq the champion debater is Mahathir’s and/or PPBM’s ‘Voice’, he should come out and rebut what was alleged. He cannot just brush it all away by issuing gag orders or calling those who raise these issues as makan dedak or that they are Umno Trojan Horses or traitors who have been bought off by Umno, and so on. Those are the ‘debating’ tactics of the DAP Chinese.
Mahathir and Anwar in their younger and happier days when it was partying all night long
Basically, Mahathir is corrupt and he has been exposed. In fact, so are Muhyiddin Yassin and Anwar Ibrahim, and both have also been exposed. On top of that they all have sex scandals (Mahathir included: although that was in his ‘younger days’ of the 1980s).
Yes, it may surprise you to know that Mahathir, too, screwed around in his younger days. And those in his inner circle know who his comrades-in-arms who arranged and participated in these sexcapades are. Most Malaysians from the older generation know about the parties in the Promet penthouse and the Wisma Belia. The younger generation, as usual, can continue to live in their ignorant bliss if they think that Mahathir was not a playboy even after he became Prime Minister in 1981.
Mahathir said his strategy is to not respond to any allegations against him or else he has no time to do other things. This just shows there are so many allegations that he has no time to reply to them. But then, while he keeps quiet, he asks others to reply to these allegations on his behalf.
Take the US$10 billion Bank Negara forex scandal as one example. When Lim Kit Siang raised this matter in Parliament, Mahathir purposely stayed away and asked Anwar to attend Parliament instead and lie on his behalf by denying that Bank Negara had lost money gambling on the forex market. He did the same thing during the Memali crisis as well.
Another example would be Barry Wain’s book, which is full of facts and details regarding how Mahathir cost Malaysia RM100 billion. Mahathir, however, is ignoring all these allegations and is pretending he is not aware of the book or the allegations.
Why not Syed Saddiq start by debating this book since all the allegations are documented and have never been rebutted so far? And he can also debate the Statutory Declaration signed by Nika Gee’s husband regarding her affair with Muhyiddin since that, too, is documented?
Mahathir’s children and grandchildren live like Saudi Arabia’s royal family. Just look at the pictures below to get an idea of the holidays they take, the clothes and shoes they wear, the watches and jewellery they own, the handbags costing hundreds of thousands of Ringgit that they carry, and so on.
Syed Saddiq wants Malaysians to balek kampung today and talk about Rosmah Mansor’s diamond ring over the weekend. Well, now Malaysians can also talk about the photographs below over this weekend. Then let us see how Syed Saddiq defends the indefensible.
Yes, what Mahathir needs is not a champion debater but a magician to get him out of this one. Selamat Hari Mengumpat to all Malaysian Muslims.

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