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Friday, June 16, 2017

Why have you done this, Mr and Mrs MO1?

YOURSAY | Who would have thought that MO1’s wife would star in the mystery of the infamous ‘donation’?
Quigonbond: All over the world, the net is or has closed down on people touched by the curse of 1MDB. In Malaysia, the chief actors are all still free and about.
From a plain sight, one can only conclude there is sheer dishonesty when a certain individual is completely exonerated from wrongdoing, never mind the many others under him who formed part of the 1MDB inner circle.
How can a certain attorney-general (AG) and a certain inspector-general of police (IGP) sleep soundly at night knowing the depth of their sin to fail to investigate and to fail to prosecute?
Malaysians are so caught up with racial and religious issues that they are losing sight of the important things like integrity, global competitiveness, value of hard work and the moral standing of the nation. They need to wake up.
In developed countries, the government would have been swept away by an opposition landslide in any election. Only in Malaysia, the same people still win elections.
Kim Quek: Who would have thought that MO1’s wife would star in the mystery of the infamous RM2.6 billion “donation”?
We all know that PM Najib Razak’s US$681 million (RM2.6 billion) was claimed by him (and concurred by AG Mohamed Apandi Ali) to be a “donation” from a Saudi prince, but we have been intrigued by Najib later returning US$620 million and wonder where the money had actually gone?
Now this mystery is partially solved by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). Part of the so-called returned cash had gone to the purchase of a 22-carat pink diamond pendant and necklace for MO1’s wife at a cost of US$27 million. In fact, smart boy Jho Low bought many more multi-million jewellery for her.
No wonder this young financial wizard had been given a free hand to allegedly splurge billions of our hard-earned money to satiate the wildest fantasy of luxury any youth could have imagined - super yacht, luxurious private jets, prestigious real estates, record-priced paintings, etc.
I wonder where will this super sensational saga end, and how it would impact Malaysian history eventually.
Negarawan: "However, what happened to the returned US$620 million had remained a mystery until the allegations listed in the DOJ's 251-page lawsuit yesterday." (Malaysiakini)
This is indeed the largest case of corruption and money laundering the world has ever seen. It was definitely planned and executed allegedly with full knowledge by MO1, despite his repeated denials.
What or who has driven Mr MO1 to such insatiable financial and materialistic greed? Is his love for Mrs MO1 and his family so great that he is willing to allegedly steal RM4.2 billion from the rakyat to satisfy their lust and penchant for the high life?
Why have you done this to the rakyat, Mr and Mrs MO1? Do you not have pity and sympathy for the rakyat who are suffering from a shocking increase in the cost of living as a result of the massive national debts caused by greed and selfishness?
Mr MO1, you are not fit to be PM, let alone be a leader. Please step down and face the law, together with your alleged accomplices in the cabinet, AG’s Chambers, judiciary and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).
Vijay47: From the time Eve gave that apple to Adam, nobody has ever returned part of a donation. Of course, in certain cases, where the donation is for a specific purpose, any surplus funds may be sent back to the donor.
Thus, I was confused when Apandi and the others at the stable insisted that US$620 million had been, as Elvis Presley said before he left the building, "returned to sender".
As suspected all along, that pocket-money stayed within the family and was transferred to Jho Low. Which only proves that the ‘Fat Penang Chinaman’ is actually an Arab.
Next, coming to that photograph ‘Boy with the Toy Hand Grenade’, perhaps Jho Low and the Najib family can commission American photographer Diane Arbus to come out with a sequel, ‘Man with Whole Hand in the Till’.
Yachts, upmarket property, photographs that cost a hand grenade, a Chinaman who is a Saudi Arab - hey Riza Aziz, they are calling out for a movie.
Anonymous 122461436161429: As a true Malaysian, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Ex-PJ: What a chasm in governance between Singapore and Malaysia. The big issue today in Singapore is how best to preserve the memory of the late premier Lee Kuan Yew. Here, it is all about Najib denying the embezzlement of vast amounts of money, despite solid evidence.
To make matters worse, the IGP and his cohorts in PDRM are shown to be allegedly operating, via middleman K Gopinathan, a country-wide criminal protection scheme preying on illegal gambling dens and 'massage parlours’.
This is only the tip of the iceberg, as illegal immigration and human trafficking are probably another part of this widespread corruption.
Headhunter: With such intimate details and all in black and white, it's time for the AG to reopen the case and liaise with DOJ to nap the culprits involved.
If he fails to do it, he should resign immediately and a royal commission be set up as the next best course of action. After all, he did allegedly try to cover it up by lying to the public.
Wira: I am sick of all these accusations hurled against our first family. MO1 must direct Apandi to sue the DOJ and the Donald Trump government for their lies and false news.
Why is the DOJ still insisting that 1MDB money were misappropriated while our AG and various ministers had testified that they had met the Arab donor and that MO1 had returned all the excess money?
Unafraid: Are there no righteous people left in the MACC, police and AG’s Chambers? Has the nation grown so corrupt that even such blatant massive abuse of public funds is swept under the carpet? Can our beloved nation be saved?

What about the cabinet? What about Umno? Are there no good people left who loves our nation more than alleged crooks within their ranks? What about the East Malaysians?
My goodness! Has everyone traded their integrity for earthly gains?- Mkini

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