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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kit Siang coy on whether he will defend Gelang Patah seat

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang today refused to confirm if he would defend his seat as the Gelang Patah MP.
"We will know on nomination day," Lim told reporters at the Parliament lobby today.
Gelang Patah Umno division has speculated that Lim would contest somewhere else during the next general election because voting records show that he was a voter in Penang.
Since 1969, Lim has been elected to Parliament eight times, representing Bandar Melaka, Kota Melaka (twice, non-consecutive terms), Petaling Jaya, Tanjong, Ipoh Timur (two consecutive terms) and now Gelang Patah.

Meanwhile, Lim said he would consider changing his voting address to Johor because it would make him eligible to run for a seat in the Johor legislative assembly.
"Since Gelang Patah Umno was so determined, I will think about changing my address and therefore will be able to run (for a seat) during the Johor state election," Lim told reporters at Parliament today.
On the banner which appeared in the Gelang Patah constituency which poked fun of the veteran opposition lawmaker and made reference to a Rihanna song, Lim said in an immediate response at that time was: "Who is Rihanna?" - Mkini

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