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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dedication of health workers to combat Covid-19 is amazing - Health DG


CORONAVIRUS | After 67 days combating the Covid-19 outbreak since the first case emerged on Jan 25, health workers have emerged as the frontliners who have toiled to fight the virus which has claimed thousands of lives worldwide.
In appreciation of their dedication and sacrifice, Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has expressed his personal pride in the heroes clad in white and blue who have faced the global pandemic and declared them amazing.
He said all the health workers in both the public and private sectors have shown outstanding commitment and given their best efforts to fighting Covid-19.
“Many have left their loved ones at home and sacrificed their time and comfort to be on the frontline to help the sick. The ministry appreciates each and every one of you and the sacrifice you make each day.
“Thank you to all of you,” he said in a posting on his Facebook account today.
Hisham (photo) said the current situation was a new experience for everyone, and the national health sector had planned and prepared for any possibility.
Expressing his confidence in health workers at all levels, he said he was convinced they had done their best to ensure the safety of all concerned as public health was a priority.
Hisham, who is also a surgeon, said the nation was going through a very difficult time never experienced before in history and which had affected every citizen, and it had adopted new measures taken to deal with it, including the movement control order (MCO).
He also expressed his thanks to all parties who had contributed to the frontline workers.
“To our contributors, we are touched to see such generosity from individuals and organisations, small and big, local and international. To the frontline workers, I say thank you,” he said.
Hisham also said he had the utmost trust in the public to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further and to ensure success in fighting the pandemic which had claimed 37 lives in Malaysia.
Adding that he had hoped the public would abide by the MCO by staying indoors, he said the people had a critical role to play in flattening the Covid-19 curve, thus buying more time for the health facilities to meet healthcare needs.
“Every Malaysian must play their role in fighting this pandemic,” he said.

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