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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Adam Adli to contest for PKR Youth chief post

Social activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim has officially announced that he will be contesting for the post of PKR Youth chief in the party’s upcoming election.

Lawyer Muhammad Kamil Abdul Munim is his running mate gunning for the position of deputy chief.

“The upcoming PKR election is the biggest effort to regain our strength, especially in the run-up to the 15th general election, which will take place in our near future.

“[...] PKR Youth wing is the forefront of PKR. We have to be ready, strong, bold, progressive and refreshed. In the face of the next general election, a strong party leader must be displayed in our battle for reformation.

“To achieve these objectives, young, old and new talents who not only have high ambitions but awareness should be given the responsibility of leading the party’s frontline, PKR Youth. This is a challenge we must meet,” Adam (above) said in a statement.

The pair will be contesting under a newly-formed coalition called “Seangkatan”.

Adam said further announcements will be made at a later date including three candidates for the position of PKR Youth vice-chief, 20 exco candidates as well as the five core principles of Seangkatan.

“In the spirit of togetherness and family, we hope that the 2022 PKR election can take place in harmony, in accordance with the main goal of re-strengthening the party.

“Together we will rekindle the power of PKR. The responsibility of raising our reformation agenda and the voice of the rakyat in the next general elections is borne upon us,” he added.

Nominations are on April 9 and voting will take place a month later.

Suspended from UPSI

Adam is best known for his years as a student activist which led to several arrests and he was eventually charged with sedition. He was convicted but eventually acquitted after appeal.

He was suspended from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in 2013 as they didn’t take too kindly to his extra-curricular activities.

He later went on to work for NGOs until 2018 when the suspension was lifted and completed his degree in 2020 at the age of 31.

Adam was accepted into PKR last September along with 19 other activists.

He is set to go up against the head of Penang PKR Youth Fahmi Zainol who announced his candidacy last Sunday (March 27). Rawang assemblyperson Chua Wei Kiat will run for the position of deputy chief.

Fahmi, 31, was a Universiti Malaya (UM) student leader and faced disciplinary action after inviting Anwar Ibrahim to give a speech in 2014.

He joined PKR in 2015.

Both Adam and Fahmi’s names were widely circulated as potential candidates for PKR Youth chief. - Mkini

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