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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Couples who marry in Thailand will not be fined - Perlis exco


Couples who get married in Thailand and wish to re-register their marriage in Perlis will not be fined, but they are required to submit complete documents for that purpose.

Perlis exco for Islamic Religious Affairs, Welfare and Disaster Relief, Ruzaini Rais said the couple would need to obtain a marriage certificate from the Malaysian Consulate General in Thailand first to facilitate the registration of their marriage in the state.

He said if the marriage took place in Thailand but the couple involved did not obtain the confirmation certificate, the application to register the marriage was considered incomplete and would make the process difficult for them.

“Many couples who get married there do not get this certification because the condition set by the Thai government is that the parties involved have to spend a night there before being issued the document.

"And when the couple does not get a marriage certificate, it makes it difficult for them to register the marriage in Perlis," he told reporters at the entrance of the state legislative assembly complex today.

Earlier, during an oral question and answer session at the state legislative assembly sitting, Guar Sanji assemblyperson Mohd Ridzuan Hashim asked Rozaimi about the measures taken by the state government to facilitate the process for couples who got married in Thailand to re-register their marriages in the state.

According to Ridzuan, there are many cases involving couples who do not register their marriage in this country that affect their children, such as not being able to register for school.

In the meantime, Rozaimi said, the Syariah Court in Perlis also does not make it compulsory for those who want to practise polygamy to inform their marriage to the first wife, but the information submitted should be complete.

"If the information is incomplete and dubious, the shariah court will call the first wife for confirmation," he said.


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