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Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Collapse Of Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt . . .Who Is Next?

 I have repeated a few times that countries like Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt (and even India) are at serious risk of collapsing internally - crumbling from the inside.

Last week the country of San Salvador (from where I knew some really cool, chilled out friends during my university days in the US) saw 60 people violently killed in one week. This is happening in the 21st  century. Over in Africa military coups are starting again - after a lull of quite a few years. But the violence has never stopped in Africa. Countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Central African Republic etc are mired in violent fighting and sudden death. 

That is the catchword - violence and sudden death. This is also a trademark of all backward societies - someone can suffer sudden and violent death at any time. Not just from some robber or street mugger but because of some stupid political differences, insane religious differences or family, caste, racial and tribal complexes. Really stupid reasons to hate your fellow human being. 

Ignore the fact that people may also eat with their mouths open, they may make ugly sounds chewing their food, they may throw trash out the car window, do not wash their hands after they use the toilet or they may be racist and prejudiced all day long - all of which also adds up to their societies breaking down. They are not fully civilised. Lets ignore all that for a moment.  

They just cannot seem to get along living together in contemporary, urban environments. The old village identities, village hatreds, village habits, village hygiene, village idiot mentality still lives inside them. They have brought the village with them into the 21 century. Despite their "university education", their smart phones and I Pods they still have not modernised. Hence they fail. 

Here is today's news from Lebanon :

They are still in deep shit.

Now here is a 12 minute video about Egypt (you can ignore the remaining 7 minutes) by a very clever British guy.  Do make time to listen to this video. It is very important. It links new and much larger troubles in Egypt (they have asked for an emergency IMF bailout) AFTER the Ukraine crisis. It has to do with bread, bread is made from wheat - a lot of which is imported from Ukraine and Russia.  Here is the video:

I have said this before - Egypt's problem is they have a 103 million population who do not get enough of a useful education and they have few opportunities to seek happiness in life. And they have no freedom to speak. Egypt is a time bomb. 

Pakistan is next on the list. The country was designed to fail from the day it was born. India too is not too far from being a Failed State - something I have repeated multiple times. As an example, sometime last year two Indians from somewhere in eastern India (Manipur, Mizoram etc) who look like Myanmars or Chinese went to New Delhi. They were promptly beaten and killed by a mob. This is India in the 21st century. 

What does this mean for us here in Malaysia? Looking at how stupid we are (I am referring to all the races ok)  do not be too sure that you (yes you dear reader) will not be part of the stupidity that has destroyed all these other societies and countries. Please do not be too sure of your self.  The rot starts to happen because of you, because of your I-dont-care, tidak apa stupidity or because of your willing participation in the stupidity that destroys societies. Either way it is your fault. 

Remember 'anything bad that happens to you is of your own doing'.  

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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