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Thursday, September 20, 2012

WHAT?? Rosmah Mansor wear watches worth RM350, 000?

Some time ago people were shocked by some of 1Malaysia owned Rosmah Mansor acessories including hand bag 'Birkin' that reach hundreds of thousands of RM and also 'Bangle' or a bracelet and ring worth millions RM RM24Juta.

Rosmah Mansor said to have at least 11 brands of luxury handbags Birkin Rosmah estimated minimum spend RM638, 000 to a maximum of RM5, 192,000 to buy the handbag. For his limited edition bag is the price of a handbag is said to reach RM28, 000 (U.S. $ 9,000 ) to RM472, 000 (U.S. $ 150,000) for every one ..please read ( HERE ) diamond ring known as' Natural Fancy Blue Gray Cushion Cut "prized possession: be about RM24 Million .. please read ( HERE ) This time we will see another collection of luxury goods that belong to Rosmah Mansor hand watches .. Latest collection of watches worn Rosmah attended a ceremony in Vietnam successfully captured the camera lens ...

It is said to be said to be worth between £ 70,000 - £ 100,000. And that price does not include import duty again ... Or in the RM of approximately RM350, 000 to RM500, 000 .. With regard to the new minimum wage for Peninsular Malaysia RM900 in Sabah and Sarawak RM800 placed on the surface .. Malaysians need to take time for such arrangements under to have it .. RM900 x 12 (months) = RM10800 x 46 years 4 months = RM500, 400 This means they need at least 46 years old to have a branded luxury watches Franck Muller's .. * calculation is based on the minimum wage where Malaysians who have a minimum wage that is considered not to eat and drink * he .. he .. he .. this? Rosmah Mansor watches price alone is equivalent to 1-2 units a relatively comfortable home price .. Should we understand that the brand Franck Muller is one brand that has produced the most expensive watches in the world are worth $ 2.4 million.

The question here is .. 1 ~ How can he spend class like this? 2 ~ How Rosmah Mansor are still able to continue his habit to be able memililki another luxury goods (designer watches Franck Muller) after successfully done when a ring worth RM24 million previously . 3 ~ Many income sangatkah someone called Prime Minister of Malaysia to successfully meet the expenses of his wife for this luxury?Are there more "Extra Income"? Maybe? However, the search for design as worn by Rosmah Mansor is not in the Franck Muller brand listed, chances are it's pretty exclusive and specially designed for Rosmah Mansor possible? 

(Translated using Google - Error & Mistakes expected--- source : darisungaiderhaka.blog)

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