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Sunday, July 31, 2016

1,500 in Tenom Umno division in Sabah quit party

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About 1,500 members from the Tenom Umno division in Sabah resigned from the party yesterday.
They announced their resignation at the Irau Rakyat event in Tenom, witnessed by former Umno vice president Shafie Apdal.
Those who left the party were from various branches under the constituencies of Melalap and Kemabung.
When met, Shafie told reporters he expects more to leave Umno as a show of dissatisfaction against the state and the central Umno leadership.
"This shows they are really unhappy about central and state leadership. I am confident this shows we can change (leaders) in Sabah. Their decision to leave shows they realise they can survive without Umno," he said.
Former Kanar Umno branch chief Nossil Basayu, 64, said he no longer has confidence in the Umno leadership whom he said has failed to solve multiple issues.
He said state leaders turn a blind eye to rakyat's problems, especially those in the rural areas.
"We Umno members in the Tenom parliamentary constituency love Umno but leaders have not been able to solve our problems, and this has affected the grassroots. They cannot resolve issues faced by the rakyat," he said.
He added that the Kanar Umno branch is considered dissolved as all 96 members have effectively left the party.
He also credits Shafie for encouraging them to make the "bold" move to leave the party.

Shafie announced that he was leaving the party, after his membership was suspended in June following vocal criticism against 1MDB.
Soon after, 600 Umno members from 100 branches in the Batu Sapi division reportedly left the party to protest the Semporna MP's suspension.
In June, Sulabayan assemblyperson Jaujan Sambakong left the party while Semporna permanent secretary Datu Eranza Datu Saribu along with 19 division committee members.- Mkini

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