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Friday, July 29, 2016


The Third Force
Yesterday, the 28th of July 2016, Penang Chief Minister (CM) Lim Guan Eng accused the ruling coalition of fraudulently concocting charges against him with the intention of politically castrating him.
In his own words, Guan Eng stated that “BN (Barisan Nasional) will not stop at their political conspiracy to character assassinate me that I abused my power to benefit Ms. Phang, who sold her 30 year house to me. The truth that she made a profit and not a loss from selling her house to me is overlooked.”
According to him, neither did Ms. Phang have direct business dealings with the state government, nor did she benefit from it. He implied that she was the target of a conspiracy by the ruling coalition that wanted to destroy his political career. The CM then went on to contrast the manner in which the state and federal governments tendered out projects.
”Again, powers are abused to conduct exhaustive investigations on the Penang state government’s public works projects that practices open bidding and open tenders whilst ignoring BN’s failure to practise open competitive tenders.”
Now, this is as far as I go with Guan Eng’s statement. For those of you who are interested in reading the CM’s statement in full, you can do so by referring to an article that Malaysiakini had floated yesterday by following the link below:
Now, what I do want to state here, objectively and in the best interest of national security, is my impassioned plea for Tunku Abdul Aziz bin Tunku Ibrahim, a former member of DAP, to lodge a police report against Lim Guan Eng for what I believe was an attempt by the CM to subvert legal proceedings that have commenced against him.
Put differently, Guan Eng had undermined the authority of the court by forming opinions that were highly injurious against the ruling coalition in public. As such, he tampered with due process and tainted the prosecution’s case in the eyes of the Malaysian law. For the sake of discussion, even the fact that a summons was served to him is enough to justify that legal proceedings against him have commenced.
In my sincerest opinion, Tunku Aziz may be the best candidate to represent the interests of the people who wish to see that the integrity of our legal system is upheld and not watered down by politicians who refuse to constrain their biases or actions within bounds of law. I say this because the Tunku had served in the DAP for almost four years and may be better capacitated to decide on Guan Eng’s motives, whatever they may be, than I am.
However, I do wish to point out some matters relating to the CM’s statement, which in my opinion, stand against the greater interest of national security. They are as follows:
1. Prior to the filing of charges against the CM, there was evidence published in media to suggest that Guan Eng may have abused his position as CM to receive gratification. There was also evidence published by the same media channels to suggest that the CM may have obtained something of value by virtue of his dealings with Ms. Phang Li Khoon.
2. These are causes for concern to the Malaysian people as they border on the integrity of public servants who are elected into office. The matter was therefore brought to court as it is in the interest of the people that Guan Eng be given a fair chance to defend himself against these accusations.
3.  It is now for the court to decide if Guan Eng is guilty or innocent. However, the Malaysian legal system is fair and guarantees that the CM is innocent until proven guilty. It also guarantees that he will be provided every avenue to defend himself. As such, it is highly illogical that a man of his stature should undermine the credibility of our legal system by sub judicially trying the case in the court of public opinion.
4. Not only is Guan Eng confusing the people, he has accused the ruling coalition of trying to “finish him off by hook or by crook” and went so far as to imply that the government had abused its power to “conduct exhaustive investigations on the Penang state government’s public works projects….”
5.  In short, Guan Eng is alleging that a conspiracy exists by the ruling coalition to destroy his political career. If it all such a conspiracy exists, the CM should lodge a police report against the ruling coalition and thereafter take BN to court. It is highly irregular and improper for him to have come out in public to censure BN in the manner he did yesterday.
6. By virtue of this reasoning, I hereby urge Tunku Aziz to also consider lodging a second report against Lim Guan Eng for attempting to incite unrest by stirring hatred against the government. Guan Eng’s actions, in my sincerest of opinions, may be deemed injurious to the institution of democracy and against the broader interest of national security.
7. For the record, the Penang state government did not, as Guan Eng had erroneously and possibly even deceptively claimed in his statement, practice “open bidding” and offer “competitive tenders” for all its projects. The statement by Guan Eng was effectively a lie.
8. By this reasoning, the CM had gravely misled the people by implying that the state government was far more transparent than the ruling coalition in its handling of projects. As per his allegations against government that relate to the bungalow controversy, I do not wish to dabble in it or write about it further as the matter is now being handled by the court.
9. If at all I did touch on anything that related to the bungalow controversy, I did so without prejudice and with the sole purpose of bringing people up to speed on information that has already been posted publically.

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