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Friday, July 29, 2016

All eyes on Putrajaya and China over east coast rail project

YOURSAY | ‘Never discussed at cabinet, but how much is the cost now? RM30b or RM60b?
Annonymous: Do you really expect the cabinet to admit this and other serious scandals and exposés by whistleblower portal Sarawak Report?
And what about the 136 pages of evidence by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) concerning the horrendous scale of corruption in 1MDB?
To the corrupt officials bleeding the country dry, just take note of this statement from PM Najib Razak's stepdaughter, Azrene Soraya Abdul Aziz, who openly stated:
"Your time will come. My price to pay to watch the house of cards come tumbling down and to be the voice of encouragement to everyone (the rakyat) to never be afraid to stand up for what is right, so that my family and children can sleep soundly at night in peace and safety, is to painfully watch my other family members that I left behind 10 years ago, pay the price for their wrongdoings."
A project of such magnitude costing RM30 billion (or RM60 billion, according to Sarawak Report) of taxpayers' money, demands transparency.
It's a clear breach of good governance and integrity, and it is most ‘haram’, sinful, and evil and nothing but corruption, when a national project of such gargantuan scale is accorded to any party, especially to a communist state, without open tenders and transparency.
To ensure checks and balances and to eliminate wholesale corruption by a corrupt regime and corrupt officials, the world is governed by good business principles and practices established under the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and cross-border anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws that most countries (except third world corrupt regimes) strive to comply with.
It's obvious when any business transaction of such magnitude costing billions is carried out in secret, without any competitive tender or public tender, that questions of corruption surface. The business world is watching Putrajaya and China.
Fateh: It is not surprising that Putrajaya and the whole cabinet deny the allegation (that hike up the cost of the double-track East Coast Rail Project from RM30 billion to RM60 billion to secretly pay off 1MDB debts).
They are still in denial mode on the 1MDB scandal. This tiny country is so famous worldwide, for all the wrong reasons.
Aziz Kader: Works Minister Fadillah Yusof, wait and see. What will happen is that the documents on the extra payments will be classified under the OSA.
Ali Baba: Okay, so the rail project was never discussed at the cabinet, but how much is the cost now? RM30 billion or RM60 billion?
Vote BN Out: “I don’t give a damn [about] Sarawak Report," said Fadillah.
That's the whole problem. None of you seem to take the truth seriously.
GE14Now!: Well, works minister, we don't give a damn about your reply. At this juncture, the credibility of the entire BN, and especially the Umno component of this government, is in negative territory.
The trouble with this government is that it has lied to us too many times and its credibility has reached rock bottom.
The unfortunate result of that is that even if in the unlikely event that you speak the truth, the people are going to find it very hard to believe you.
Liars will continue to lie, and thieves will continue to steal.
Anonymous #03815719: The minister must prove Sarawak Report is lying. But the truth might come out when the contract is signed - then what, minister?
Oscar Kilo: Of course, you did not discuss it in the cabinet, since it has been exposed. Back to the drawing board.
I hope you did not make your officers stay up all night last night, trying to revise the document and numbers.
Anonymous_3e79: Where is the comment from the PM and finance minister? How about the Chinese company? They are all pretty opaque.
I guess their silence means that it's all true. They need to sue Sarawak Report if it published lies.
RCZ: Sarawak Report has so far been spot on. And you know why? Because the few good men left in our government can't stomach what Najib and gang are doing and giving the information to Sarawak Report.
If the information is false, let the government prove this. New government appointees will one day trace the information, as the DOJ has done on 1MDB, and the old appointees will be cooked.
Anonymous 1034721438846003: When the contract is awarded to the Chinese, the steel and cement would be imported from China. Many jobs in Malaysia will disappear into the thin air, creating more unemployment.
Kit P: Yes, we shall see. There have been many outright denials regarding 1MDB by ministers and other government officials for many months, and multiple attempts at covering up.
Now the 1MDB scandal has proven to be true - the US government lawsuit cannot be covered up, it cannot be blocked. Its officers cannot be "arrested" as a "threat to parliamentary democracy".
Legit: Good Malaysians have an angel in Clare Rewcastle Brown to expose all the alleged criminal acts by this rogue regime.

So far what Sarawak Report has reported has all turned out to be right. The crooks have no shame, and have nowhere to hide their faces.- Mkini

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