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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Seizing assets of 1MDB fraudsters ‘a pre-emptive strike’

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YOURSAY | ‘I don't think the DOJ would take this step if it is not 200 percent certain.'
Swipenter: The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is seizing all the assets first. This is a pre-emptive strike against the assets being disposed of by the crooks.
I don't think the DOJ would take this step if it is not 200 percent certain it can prove that these assets were bought from diverted bond proceeds raised by 1MDB.
Next the DOJ is going to file criminal charges against Malaysian Officer 1 (MO1), Riza Aziz, Jho Low, and other accomplices. There is no escape for them. US president Barack Obama cannot help his golf buddy even if he wanted to.
Discovery: Thank you, senior lawyer Tommy Thomas, for summarising the DOJ report for us. Your article is clear, concise and easy to digest.
Unfortunately, after reading it, I feel like spitting at the faces of all those named in the report for committing the mother of all thefts against the Malaysian people.
This is treachery of the highest order, especially when ordinary folks like us are trying to eke out a living, and these traitors enjoy the spoils of their loot as if nothing has happened.
Maplesyrup: The exposure of the RM2.6 billion cash in his personal bank account was initially met with total silence, and then the phrase “not for personal gain” was coined.
Months down the route, the nation was asked to believe that the good fortune was from a Saudi donor. Despite the chain of events, the money flow and documentary proof, Malaysians were again asked to believe that story.
Fast forward to July 2016, when the DOJ exposed the lies and called it grand theft and that corrupt officials and their associates treated 1MDB as their personal bank account. Now a new story is needed.
This time, Gerakan tells Malaysians that Malaysian Official 1 is Najib - but wait a minute - we are asked to believe that he was misled.
By now, it is so obvious that, none in BN, not just Umno, has any grain of decency left. The rot is so deep that there is nothing to salvage. The whole lot must be dumped.
Frank: There are just two points which I believe could clarify things further. First, what the stepson was doing with much of the 1MDB cash may not be for himself, but on behalf of someone else (perhaps a husband-and-wife team).
Second, the grand larceny of 1MDB is possible - and the US and other economies of the western world are affected - is because this is not the first time Malaysians have done this.
We in Malaysia know that many of the elite get their millions and billions not through hard work, but through the perpetration of fraud, time and again.
1MDB would lead to other similar cases perpetrated by Malaysians and the people colluding with them overseas in the coming years, if the fraudsters involved can get away, without having to serve even a single day in prison.
US, Switzerland, Singapore and the like, you have been warned.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: The actions of these men were indeed audacious, bold, and shocking.
I can only imagine that they thought they could get away with it because Najib Razak is the prime minister and as we know, there is no transparency in this country, and cash is king. So they went about their business fearlessly.
We can only thank those countries whose authorities have done their investigations and want to prevent their countries from being used to launder their ill-gotten gains.
God knows our attorney-general (AG) probably spent a couple of days on it before declaring there was no wrongdoing. He should be ashamed of himself. I say 'should' because he is continuing to hold on to that claim.
FellowMalaysian: Tommy, you said Najib was faced with a terrible dilemma over conflict of interest; his interest as a beneficiary of corrupt monies overriding his duties as an elected public servant.
Having gone through many years of painstaking effort allegedly conniving with his co-conspirators, rest assured that Najib felt no remorse in receiving the monies in his bank account.
In fact, if there was any emotion upon realising US$731 million was in his bag, it must be that of sheer jubilation.
Anonymous 2425151468867060: 1MDB has consistently maintained that no money was stolen and it can account to where all its money has gone to. Stop spinning this issue over and over.
But if the court allows the assets to be seized, what happens to them? The assets will be eventually returned to the entity the DOJ believes it was stolen from - in this case, 1MDB. It's good news for 1MDB.
Leonie: If setting up and transacting some of the money through a bogus BVI (British Virgin Islands) company with a name similar to the real one is not criminal intent, then what is?
Anonymous_1375693422: All our governing and law enforcement institutions (cabinet, parliament, judiciary, rulers, anti-corruption commission, police, Attorney-General’s Chambers) have failed: none is willing and able to touch the top leader and check his grand larceny.
From my heart, I thank the US for doing what our institutions have clearly failed to do - and thus hold out some hope amidst the rampant helplessness and dismay among concerned Malaysians.
I also thank Tommy for taking the trouble to explain the US findings and actions to us ordinary Malaysians.
Lord Denning: Tommy, thank you. But can you explain why the thieves have not been arrested and charged.
Is this all a big show - where there is a lot of talk but no action by the US? Are they themselves hatching a sinister plot against Najib?
Since the entire system in Malaysia has either been silenced or has colluded with the perpetrators, we don't see anything happening.
The buzzword is that it is a "civil" case... even Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and the IGP are mouthing the same mantra.
Anonymous_1375151044: Indeed, the IGP says it's a civil matter, so police will not investigate. So how?
Tony Soprano: Why are readers still complaining that the US isn't doing anything? Filing a suit to confiscate the stolen assets is certainly doing something.

As former ambassador John Malott and this article's author have said, it's only the first step. - Mkini

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