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Friday, July 29, 2016

There’ll be no ‘saving Malaysia’ without the Malays

YOURSAY | ‘A Malay-sian tsunami? Wishful thinking, but also wishful hoping.’
6th Generation Immigrant: Bersih 5 should be an apolitical gathering of multiracial Malaysia across the peninsula and the South China Sea where the target audience must be the rural folk.
The rally cry should be "we told Malaysians so in Bersih 1, 2, 3 and 4" that the election machinery is state-managed and unfair to all Malaysians. It has resulted in the failure of the state.
We are at the end result because we are unable to change the government fairly and democratically. Bersih 5 must show intent to bring universal standards for elections.
Lone_Star: A Malay-sian tsunami? Wishful thinking, but also wishful hoping. Will right-thinking Malays respond?
Where is the Group of 25 (G25) a week after the US Justice Department’s revelations? Could they mobilise the masses to bring about a tsunami?
Drngsc: Thanks, Commander S Thayaparan. I hope that Bersih 5 will see Malaysians from all races, all walks of life, and all ages, from all political persuasions, from all religious beliefs, so that this can be a Malaysian protest against a corrupt regime.
Eyespye: I’m not commenting on the article specifically, but please don't disparage or show disgust to Malays who have not done anything. You are asking them to radically depart the world in which they have been born into.
Asking the everyman who supports Umno is asking him to discard the party he identifies with, his race, his history and his place in this world.
The Chinese took years and years to finally swing away from MCA. It takes time and it takes a catalyst. Calling them stupid, lazy or greedy does one thing, force them to hold on to Umno even though they shouldn't.
It’s not because they are stupid, greedy or lazy. Imagine the moral crisis they face.
TimesAchanging: Great article. Problem is I don't know how long will it take for Malays to come together. If there is real appetite for it amongst Malays, I think we would have seen more Umno people defecting.
I don't know why Malays need to believe that their world will come crashing down if they demand a change of leader. It can be just a change of leader, they can make sure it's not a change of an entire government.
It’s okay for them to keep voting Malays, but vote for competent and clean Malays. Too hard?
Proarte: Unless Malays wake up and smell the coffee, they are going to remain a willing underclass who are content with a fraudulent 'ketuanan' label which offers them nothing but hardship and humiliation.
Former soldier Mohd Ali Baharom, known as Ali Tinju, and his red-shirt gang, together with the huge Malay underclass of different political leanings, should organise a peaceful mega rally to protest this betrayal of the Malay race by their own kind.
They must vociferously ask why Umno leaders and their PAS supporters have sold out the Malay economic well-being, dignity and country?
We note that the Malay leadership has dutifully complied with this defined role by literally allowing trillions of ringgit to be misappropriated and find its way to richer countries.
1MDB was meant to improve the lives of Malays economically but instead it has burdened them and lost the country tens of billions due to alleged thievery by the Malay leadership.
In order to pay for these losses, we now hear that Umno has allegedly done a deal with China which will see our country burdened by a further RM30 billion. The Malay leaders have sold Malaysia down the Yangtze River.
David: Bravo commander, a very articulate and well-written article as per all your previous writings. Let this be another wake-up call for reforms.
JD Lovrenciear: Commander, your courage in speaking for and the whole truth will be well-accepted by our Malay Malaysian community. You have demonstrated true patriotism.
Anonymous_3e79: I don't think that the majority of the Malay thinks that they are being screwed by Umno.
They have been in a slow boil for such a long time, and brainwashed to think that they would lose ‘control’ should Umno lose power, and that the other races would ‘enslave’ them.
They enjoy being entrapped into the ‘weak’ and ‘needy’ mentality conditioned by Umno, that they can only be great by restraining other races, and that they must continue their servitude to Umno.
Bersih 5 will be a one-sided affair. It will be majority Chinese and some stronger more progressive Malays (a small percentage), and a smattering of Indians.
Malaysia is doomed, a real 21st Century Zimbabwe.
David: Bravo commander, a very articulate and well-written article as per all your previous writings. Let this be another wake-up call for reforms.
Abasir: A Malay tsunami? Hmmm, now let's see. If someone stands on a truck in the middle of the Selangor Club ‘padang’ giving away goodies and freebies, cash, contracts, free trips, fancy clothes and what not, I guess you'll have one, with every disgruntled thing from PAS, PKR, Umno, Perkasa and the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) flooding the area.

Ramesh Rajaratnam: Well said, Sir. The problem is, this piece is only read by a few thousand people. There's no way the (mis)leading public media here will ever carry this message. - Mkini

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