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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Penang toll plaza worker under probe for ‘pariah’ insult

Video on Facebook shows a taxi driver being intimidated by a security guard after he was insulted by a toll attendant.
Lingkaran-Luar-Butterworth-(LLB)-Sdn-BhdPETALING JAYA: Lingkaran Luar Butterworth (LLB) Sdn Bhd is conducting an internal investigation after employees at the Sungai Nyior toll plaza in Butterworth, Penang, were accused of insulting a customer.
Ravi Chandran, who witnessed the quarrel, had described on Facebook what he saw. He also posted a video recording of the incident.
He claimed a female toll attendant had called a taxi driver “pariah” (a derogatory term) after the taxi driver told her off for allegedly overcharging him.
The video showed a security guard at the toll plaza getting involved in the quarrel.
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The guard was seen challenging the taxi driver to lodge a police report if he was unhappy and badgering the taxi driver for his home address so that he could look up the taxi driver if he lost his job.
Ravi claimed other customers had also been overcharged at the toll plaza.
“I advise the toll staff not to play with their handphones while working and respect customers of all races.”
LLB human resource officer Norlina Mohd Saiadin told NST Online that the taxi driver had lodged a complaint at the LLB office in Bagan Ajam yesterday.
She said the taxi driver had earlier said he would not pursue the matter after LLB apologised and promised to take action against the worker involved in the incident.
“The customer told us he would not lodge a police report. However, late last night, I saw that the issue had gone viral (on the Internet),” she told the news portal.
As a result, Norlina said another meeting with the aggrieved customer may be arranged to resolve the matter. -FMT

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