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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

23 year old Pakistani refugee drove truck that killed 12 at Berlin Christmas Market

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Its been a black Monday. A 22 year old boy has shot and killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey. An obvious product of Erdogan's failed 'Allahu Akbar' policies. The 22 year old fellow was upset with the kick-in-the-butt dealt to the ISIS in Aleppo by the Syrians, Kurds and the Russians.

In Zurich, Switzerland someone shot three people inside a mosque. Strange behaviour for the Swiss but not strange for psycho jihadis.

In Jordan (on Sunday), some jihadis shot and killed more than 14 people at some tourist sites. Two Malaysian tourists have also been wounded. 

Then on Monday,  a 23 year old Pakistani refugee drove a truck into a crowd of shoppers at a Christmas market in Berlin and killed 12 people.  Here is the news :

Monday, truck rammed into crowd at Berlin Christmas market 
killing 12 people, injuring 48

some fighting for their lives. 

Christmas market attack classified as terrorism
driver identified 23-year-old migrant from Pakistan
Naved B., born on Jan 1, 1993, German newspaper Die Welt wrote. 

Naved requested protection, asylum in Germany

police searched hangar at old Tempelhof where refugee community located
detained driver registered there. 

millions of Germans shocked, horrified, deeply saddened 
Germans provide daily assistance at refugee shelters 

My comments :  

What would a 22 year old Turkish boy know about anything? 
What would a 23 year old Pakistani boy know about anything? 
They say the truck was possibly stolen in Poland !! 
How did a 23 year old Pakistani refugee get the truck at all?

They dont even have running water or indoor plumbing (aka toilets) in many parts of Pakistan. That is why that boy left Pakistan. 

The Germans housed him, fed him free food (of course halal food) and gave him a second chance at life. Its Germany. He could grow up to become the Mayor of Berlin. Or own a chunk of Mercedes Benz. 

Instead the moron decided to drive a truck into innocent people and kill them. 

And what does he get for doing these things? Nothing good. 

Do things like these make his parents proud?
Does it make his community proud?
And then what?

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