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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Billboard crashes onto house, teenager hurt

House owner had complained to Nilai Municipal Council of billboard being too close to his home just two weeks ago.
SEREMBAN: Five siblings had a close shave when a billboard on the highway next to their house came crashing down on their home this afternoon.
However, in the 1.30pm incident, one of the five siblings, Diana Athira Maulud, 17, suffered minor injuries from fragments from the billboard which crashed on the room she was sleeping in.
The victim’s brother Mohd Haniq Farhan Maulud, 15, said during the incident, the wind was blowing strongly and he felt uneasy about the safety of his sister who was in the house but could not do anything because the incident happened too fast.
“My sister was alone in the room, my brothers and sisters were outside playing. Suddenly, I heard a very strong wind, I felt uneasy.
“I only had time to cry out my sister’s name before the billboard crashed onto our house and my sister did not have time to get out,” he said.
The victim’s father, Maulud Wahid, 44, said he was at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital making funeral arrangements for his brother-in-law and was only aware of the incident after being contacted by his wife, Nurul Huda Abdullah, 40, who was at a relative’s house nearby.
Maulud had made a report to the Nilai Municipal Council on the billboard being too close to his house two weeks ago. He also made a report on the incident at the Labu police station at 3.40pm today.
He said his injured daughter received treatment at the Labu Health Clinic, but still complained of pain after being brought back to the house and will be taken to the hospital for further treatment. -FMT

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