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Friday, December 23, 2016


The Third Force
Talk about 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), and the names Wall Street Journal (WSJ)Bloomberg, the New York Times (NYT) and The Guardianimmediately come to mind. These are but a few of the many news channels that have been persistent with attacks against the sovereign wealth fund, to a point that Malaysians now perceive 1MDB to be something of an embarrassment to the nation.
So what do we do?
Well, one way to go about it is for the government to employ able journalists to reverse that perception. And I’m talking about the smart ones, guys who are willing to spend countless hours to dig the truth up and to venture into areas other than their fields of expertise.
But it’s not going to be easy. Not because it is impossible to find journalists with skills to wage powerful and effective truth-campaigns, but because the currency of persuasion is no longer the truth. Today, no amount of honest reporting could possibly undo the harm George Soros caused this nation through fake reporting and media propaganda.
And I’m referring to the world media collectively here, the one currently in Soros’ grip. If you aren’t already aware, it is he who decides the kind of stuff that gets into the mainstream media and shapes perception. That is to say, it is the Soros version of ‘truth’ that ultimately floods the internet and is delivered through your mobiles as ‘breaking stories’.
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Most of these ‘truths’ are taken as gospel by our readers and is thought to reflect the general ‘worldview’. I am told by elders here that the general perception among locals has changed very little since the days of occupation. To the average Malaysian, the Westerner is ‘better cultured’ and endemically inclined towards reason and sensibility. He or she is better behaved and accustomed to politics of equity and justice.
Soros is aware of all this, as is Clare Rewcastle Brown, the Chief Editor of Sarawak Report. However, Ms. Rewcastle also knows that the ink of perception is far more difficult to erase than is the ink of reason and sensibility. She knows better than anyone that the more the westerner funnels untruths into the Malaysian conscience, the more the Malaysian worships the untruth and regards it the truth.
The fake news conspiracy
The damage caused by the world media has been severe. So severe, the general narrative on 1MDB is now reduced to something quite dismal, and in most cases, outright depressing. Adding to that depression is the fact that most editorials are found dense with financial jargon and heavily accented English. I get the feeling that one would need to be an expert in economics just to understand what is being said by Bloomberg and WSJ.
And I kid you not. Just take a quick glance at any one edition by these dailies. When it comes to 1MDB, you’ll find yourself pausing at every other sentence dealing with money trails, bond deals, debt instruments and whatnot. It’s almost as if these articles were targeted at foreign investors or financial analysts who were well versed with complex economic terms. But really, this is not the case.
On the contrary, these articles were designed to impress upon Malaysians that 1MDB is just too corrupt, that no one author could possibly furnish narratives in simple or concise forms. Writers are abiding by the principle that the more complicated an article, the less likely a reader would stop to think. They believe that the denser an article is with complex financial terms, the more likely our guys would find the article credible.
Yes, they are aware of the flawed Malaysian intellect.
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So it wouldn’t matter to WSJ or Bloomberg if their articles spanned thousands of words or bore untruths to the highest of degrees. What matters most is the tone in which their articles are narrated. To them, an article must deliver the impression of conspiracy without a reader ever having to go line by line, word by word.
Such is the extent of the world media conspiracy against 1MDB that one can only imagine if there is information left out there that is honest and correct. And even if there is, such information is likely buried beneath a heap of junk that Soros gets the media to pile on a weekly basis just to make sure a reader would never find the truth he or she desires.
And I’m not making this up.
Once an article bearing a truth has broken the internet to a sufficient degree, Soros assigns his team of writers – mainly from the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) – to say something to the contrary. Of course, his team ensures that the most crucial of ‘search terms’ contained within the original article is retained and reinserted into the new publications.
The end result is a seemingly endless stream of publications pitching ‘new evidences’ every other week. Soros is assisted by a group of analysts based in the UK – who I will talk about more in an article due this Christmas – to manipulate information in ways that generate new ‘evidences’. With all the ‘evidence’ being poured into the internet, it is a wonder if you will ever stumble upon truths by relying on the World Wide Web as your source of information.
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Enter Clare Rewcastle Brown
Soros knew from day one that the media conspiracy would not work without someone who knew the Malaysian mindset well. It is for that reason, above all else, that he got former British premier Tony Blair to rope Clare Rewcastle Brown into his team to focus on the Malaysian audience. He knew Ms. Rewcastle was right for the job because Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius told him so.
Now, Marcus is one name that will be of significance in articles to come after this. Suffice to say, he is currently a non-executive director with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the same BBC that both Ms. Rewcastle and her husband, Andrew Brown, were once associated with. It is through this association that the three got acquainted with one another some years back.
Marcus knew just how persuasive and well-expressed Ms. Rewcastle could get. In 2011, the Sarawak Report Chief Editor was engaged in a vendetta of sorts against a former Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tun Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud. It was through Ms. Rewcastle’s articles that Marcus saw how effective she was in funnelling doubt into the minds of a people against the established order.
That is another reason why he needed Soros to rope her in. To secure a commitment, Blair’s team promised to latch her husband, Andrew Brown, to the coattails of some well placed officials in China who held jurisdiction in the nuclear industry. Soros acquiesced to the offer but made it clear that 1MDB needed slapping down before Andrew could hope to cash in on the deal.
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Soros didn’t regret his decision. Ms. Rewcastle proved to be the right choice to lead the Malaysia chapter of the world media campaign. Soros discovered that the Sarawak Report Chief Editor knew a thing or two about the Malaysian conscience. She knew that the Malaysian ‘thing’ was all about gossip and hearsay, not the nitty-gritty details as to who sold what bonds, when and where.
Equipped with such knowledge, Ms. Rewcastle did away with most of the complicated jargon you’d find in Bloomberg and WSJ articles and filled the gaps with tales of how Najib curried favours from the Arabs. It’s a wonder she didn’t tell us the one about 1MDB CEOs climbing Mount Sinai to sign a multibillion dollar deal with God Himself.
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Because of her, a large number of Malaysians now believe that the country is going bankrupt, that Najib and his family are crooks of the highest order. Because of her also, the majority of Malaysians will never be able to tell you exactly how much money was ‘stolen’ from 1MDB, or for that matter, if the money was stolen at all.
But all of that is about to change.
By this Christmas, Malaysians will get their first glimpse into a conspiracy by a laundry list of prominent people to siphon funds from 1MDB. By the end of the month, people subscribing to Malaysia Today as their ‘truth channel’ will know for sure just what happened to the money the Emiratis alleged was never paid to them by the Malaysian wealth fund.
But I think Ms. Rewcasrle already has an idea about what I’m about to reveal. Not only does she know what happened to the ‘stolen’ 1MDB funds, she is in touch with the people who conspired to mislead the Malaysian government. Not only that, she herself conspired with the media and a group of Mideast businessmen to withhold evidence from the London Court of International Arbitration, evidence that would immediately have cleared 1MDB of wrongdoing.
Likewise, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch conspired with a team of Malaysian saboteurs and the FBI to conceal evidence in a bid to implicate an unnamed Malaysian official of wrongdoing. Ms. Rewcastle claims that the unnamed official is none other than the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. However, both Ms. Rewcastle and Lynch may have conspired to conceal evidence that would immediately have cleared Najib from the burden of guilt.
Yes, there is a lot Ms. Rewcastle kept from us.
Seriously, I am beginning to think of myself as the Grinch who will steal Christmas from Ms. Rewcastle this year. I’ll have her know that I’ll be tipping my glass of Champaign in her honour on the 25th of the month, thinking of her as a mouse whose tail is caught under my paw…
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To be continued…

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