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Monday, December 26, 2016

Dr M – once a spin doctor, always a spin doctor

YOURSAY | 'Mahathir's response about the UUCA is preposterous, to say the least. '
Proarte: If former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's justification for restricting student demonstrations during his tenure was because he wanted taxpayers' money to be used appropriately and for students to focus on their studies, then why be hypocritical and say it is alright to do so now?
This is vintage Mahathir logic. When analysed further, it becomes illogical. But it is good to know that Mahathir is being exposed as the Machiavellian hypocrite that he is.
Chks: I agree with the students. Mahathir's response - that he wanted Malay students to focus on their studies and therefore introduced the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971, and that he was against protests during his time but now it is okay to protest - is preposterous to say the least.
Student activists like Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof still need to study. She has not yet even completed her undergraduate studies, so how can it be that people like her today are more educated than undergraduate students in Mahathir's time?
Undergraduate students are undergraduate students, regardless of whether they are from this age or from 20 to 30 years ago. Mahathir just made up his response and worse still, is that he seems to be unrepentant of things he had done in his past. He has no regrets in the implementation of the UUCA.
Mahathir realises the importance of gaining a huge chunk of young voters from Anis and her group because they have a large following. And therefore, he wants them to be on his side to topple PM Najib Razak.
Straight-Talk: Mahathir is a spin doctor - a term given by a former Singapore minister over the water agreement. He will remain a spin doctor even now, after the water agreement expired. What does this tell us about his character?
KSN: This man's skin is as thick as a rhino's, no insult to the rhino. But then I wish to add, he has no skin at all to feel the shame.
Thana55: What's wrong with Mahathir's objectives? Who are these student leaders who feel that it is inconsistent with the rakyat's aspirations?
If you do not get rid of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), noting else will change. So stop delving too much into the past. We cannot change it. The future, we can change.
Tag: Dr M wants to get rid of Najib. The people want to get rid of Najib. If you have other ideas, go back to your classroom and keep quiet. We can do without you.
You all must be dumb not to understand what's the main issue that confronts the country. Who cares about UUCA?
Fair&Just: Get rid of the worst of the two evils first. Dr M is old and has not many years of influence left. Then accept the mutual making use of each other's influence and quickly get rid of MO1 first.
The rest of the corrections need time to achieve.
Worldly Wise: MO1 ought to resign. Six countries have claims related to 1MDB, of which MO1 is at the centre. This is shameful.
The question of "toppling" ought not to arise at all. It is arising because Malaysia has no free press.
Just A Malaysian: At least we have two people of differing opinions sitting down and talking about it in a civil manner.
Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos and his party have to learn how to deal with disagreements without using threats and violence. Or stupid antics.
Anonymous 2415621461660784: The idea that students belong to the classroom is the same kind of thinking that is in Umno now: I'm a minister, you are nobody, so shut up and let me do my clown work.
I have to agree with the students who are dismayed with Dr M. Never get sucked into celebrity mentality - as an organiser of a forum, they should throw hard questions at him. It takes courage to engage and not bow down to anyone.
The Analyser: So Anis, tell us all what your conscience is telling you? Is it telling you that Mahathir is an old hoaxer who will say whatever it takes, no matter how outrageous?
Is your conscience telling you that its sufficient to get rid of Najib, or maybe there is a deeper message that hasn't yet risen to the surface?
The message being that getting rid of one man will achieve nothing, unless you have the goodwill of the people behind you and a direction in which you are heading.
Existential Turd: Judging by her quote, Anis held her position well, unlike many other fawning politicians in the presence of Dr M.
If the opposition needs to apologise to him for criticising or calling him names, then what should he do for locking them up without charges or on trumped-up charges?
Erjie: Never trust Umno Baru's past and present elites in power. All of them are power crazy and know only money politics.
Aries46: Whether or not Mahathir admits to the slew of alleged abuses of governance during his long tenure, many of which were to secure his own position, does not absolve him from his wrongdoings.
It is all in the annals and he can't deny that it is his miscreants that led to the many ills of today, including the total inability to bring to account nor dislodge the alleged kleptocracy that has taken root.
And Mahathir's claim that his affirmative actions were to reduce disparity among the races stands to question. Wasn't the New Economic Policy (NEP) about reducing the income gap among the people irrespective of race or religion?
If it was race-based as he claims, why were the Indian poor and other minorities at the lowest level marginalised?
For his information, at no time has the opposition ever questioned the noble aim of the NEP. As then and now, it condemns the blatant hijacking of the noble 'need-based policy' to benefit a select group of cronies that became instant millionaires at the expense of the destitute.
Pemerhati: Quote: “Mahathir said the result of his affirmative action policies was there are now many Malay professionals and experts in various fields, negating the need to rely on foreigners.”
The reality is that the standards were brought down drastically to produce the many Malay professionals and experts. While some were of high calibre, there were many who were below par. This has resulted in Malay professionals being viewed with suspicion, especially by the general public and in the private sector.
This is confirmed by economist Muhammed Abdul Khalid, who in his article on wealth distribution and income disparity of Malaysians said, “Even in Malay-owned engineering firms, Chinese applicants possessed a better chance of landing an interview.”
The government should take urgent steps to stop producing the large number of low quality Malay graduates as they not only give the Malays a bad name, but these graduates also find it difficult to get jobs in the private sector.
Enlighten Others: Mahathir, you will probably die with your ego and will never admit your wrong. What is more important to the younger generation is how much the destruction you wrought you can correct before you pass away.

You have single-handedly destroyed our institutions and we have to pay the price for it. Not you.-Mkini

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